My new Wi-Fi adaptor don't working :(

Hey, I bought new Wi-Fi adaptor but that’s don’t working on Windows 8.1 :frowning: that’s just working on Windows 10
How we can do for work on 8.1 :frowning:
My chipset HM87

The image in the link seems to have expired, you might want to use the ‘Attach file’ option to upload the image directly into the forum’s imagehosting. What’s the name and the hardware identificators (assuming you know how to check the HWIDs in device manager) for this wireless-network adapter device?

Sounds like you need Win8 driver, or to install it in Win8 compatibility mode. Yes, as mentioned above, more info needed, maybe we can find the driver for you. What is the model of the new adapter, and info mentioned above if you can get it