My ssd sata is not showing in windows

Hi guys, i need a help!
I bought a SSD SATA Kingspec, but is not showing in Windows to use, he only shows on the BIOS…
What could i try to get resolve?

My PC: Samsung np550xda kh2br

Disk management console, check disks and its initialization, must be present in device manager of course.
This is a standard SATA 2.5" drive… really not a case for issues here on this.
A non-initialized drive its only visible in Disk/Device manager, not in windows explorer.

EDIT: Shows us device manager and/or hwinfo info.
Is the bios setup as RAID or AHCI?
Is there any restriction in bios config, disabled ports?
Debug test is taking out the SEC NVMe and loading bios defaults, try to initialize a Windows OS setup on that SATA SSD.
Last resource is test the drive in another system…i know its new but… its new rigth?
Strange on a simple drive…

i already try this, but is not showing