N3450 M.2 SSD support

Hi, I have a Jumper EZbook 3 Pro and it doesn’t support a lot of M.2 SSDs.
Which BIOS module should I try to update?

BIOS: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ag-nLXoDoWoqkGEmKMde3eTt3Gh8

Which M.2 SSD models are supported and which are not supported? Which SSD model do you want to use with your notebook?

It depends on the SSD model and its used protocol (AHCI/NVMe). Generally I do not recommend to modify the BIOS of a Mobile system. The risks to get a bricked system is much higher than with a Desktop PC.

For example Crucial MX300 275GB and ZTC Armor 128GB are working fine.
But with others like WD Green 120GB or Intel one there are prsistent problems of installing Windows to them, booting from them and even not getting recognized from BIOS.
These are not NVMe but all M.2 Sata
BTW, already modded it to unlock all the menus editing the Setup and AMITSE modules and it worked perfectly.

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@TheGiolly :
AFAIK there is no chance for the user to customize the PCIe/M.2 compatibility regarding specific SATA SSD models. This may only be done by the mainboard manufacturer.

Mh, but it’s strange that with some SSD it works and with other it doens’t.
With MMTool I can see there are a “SataController” and “Ahci” module but I cannot find any hint analyzing them :confused:

@The Giolly:
You should better ask the Companies Western Digital and Intel, why their SATA SSDs do not work with your system.
Maybe their SSDs need a new/better Firmware.