Need advice on replacing system info in BIOS that is to be flashed.

Hi there, I have a bricked Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Master. I want to flash both the main and backup bios. The chips are both mx25l12873f. I would like assistance in finding system info (MAC,UUID,Ect.) from the failed bios flash, and in replacing those values in the new bios file. Can anyone help me with this? This is my first time doing this but I did order a ch341a programmer which I will receive tomorrow, and I have the files @Lost_N_BIOS provided in the flashing guide. I really just want to do this properly, and will be competent in doing everything requested.

@Binkodyl - In Gigabyte BIOS, only MAC ID is stored in GbE region of BIOS, you can replace that easily via UEFITool 25.0 + hex editor. Or you can use hex editor directly on entire BIOS, GbE region starts at 1000h, first 6 bytes there are the MAC ID Placeholder (88 88 88 88 87 88) that you replace with your real MAC ID
For MX25L12873F use CH341A v1.31(1.4) (CH341AFree) (This is the name of the folder), ASProgrammer 1.4 or 1.41, or CH341A v1.1.1.32…213094641136166

@Lost_N_BIOS This is all I’d need to do? Also, what is the preferred method to dump the bios file? Sorry for the double post. Couldn’t ping with the reply at the bottom of the post.

@Binkodyl - It’s OK, you can use edit button next time Yes, for Gigabyte, only MAC ID is stored in BIOS.
Dump BIOS with programmer, then fix MAC ID in stock BIOS and program back in. If you are bricked now, that is the only way you can dump the BIOS. But, you don’t have to dump, unless you want to, you can just directly program in your MAC ID fixed BIOS
You only need to do MAIN BIOS, then you can use hotkey or Qflash to reflash backup BIOS chip. Or you can also boot to Main BIOS after fixing it, then go to Qflash, then flip BIOS switch and flash the other BIOS (I think this one has BIOS switches, at least spec page so 2x BIOS switch)

@Lost_N_BIOS can i clip onto the chip safely with it removed from the socket? Its soic 8 and not dip. Or is there another method I should use for contact?

@Binkodyl - Yes, it’s not ideal, but if you are careful it should not bend legs. Put it on from above chip, don’t let it snap onto the legs, release it onto them slowly.
If you are worried, you need to order one of these in 200mm to use in programmer

I will let you know what happens tomorrow when I get my programmer in the mail @Lost_N_BIOS. Thank you so much for the advice you’ve given me. You’ve put a lot in to this forum and I know that sometimes you aren’t appreciated as much as you should be. But you’re awesome man. I’ll hit you up whenever I need something and I know you’ll be here.

@Binkodyl - OK, good luck, and be gentle, those legs do bend easily, so release lightly and do from above (maybe with chip setting on table)
Thanks for the kind words of appreciation, it means a lot to me, thanks!!

@Lost_N_BIOS It went perfectly. My ch341a programmer came in the mail this morning. It came with that soic adapter you were talking about. I assembled the programmer, inserted the chip, installed drivers and inserted the programmer into the USB port. I read the chip, dumped the bios, copied the mac address that was at 01000h, and edited the new bios file in a hex editor. Then I erased my chip, blank checked and I then opened the new bios bin and wrote it to the chip. After verifying, I put the mx25l12873f chip back in the motherboard socket for it and booted my pc. It all went smoothly and very quickly. I used CH341A programm v1.34 with win10.