[Need Advice] Want to enable s3 sleep option in hp-15s-eq2085ur bios (for linux)

I would like to know if there is any support for s3 sleep in advanced bios options for this laptop. The issue I’ve been having is a huge battery drain in sleep mode and it appears to be due the fact that the classic s3 suspend to ram is not working properly.

I have tried to modify APCI tables in Linux and whist I was able to visually unlock s3 option
(by looking up some edits to a similar laptop), however it appears that the laptop doesn’t wake up from sleep properly i.e screen turns on but all options are greyed out in the upper left corner and I cannot login in (with some visual corruption), even though the keyboard does work. Which leads me to believe it might be a hardware/bios issue (although I admit it is speculation).

And as you may know HP doesn’t expose most options in bios, so I was thinking if it made sense to try to mod this bios, but without knowing what advanced options there are it is too risky (especially since I have no experience in such matters and it could brick my laptop).

If anyone has seen what advanced bios for this laptop looks like, could provide some info on it or would hint as to which documentation to search for for such capabilities, I would be grateful.

For anyone who runs into it by chance. I got my problem resolved by filing and issue and compiling a kernel. It didn’t enable s3 sleep but fixed buggy s0ix sleep.

Here is the link the report.