need DMI editing tools for asus intel chipset boards

Hi friends. I need utility to edit DMI information for AMI ASUS motherboards on intel chipset

thanks :slight_smile:

Can anyone help me ?

Since I have never tried to edit DMI informations, I cannotr help you.

At me only for the Aptio 4. AMI DMI Edit (AMIDE)

EDIT by Fernando: The attachment has been deleted at 02/16/2017.

Thanks Sonix it worked :slight_smile:

Any chance for me to find the AMI DMI edit tool for Asus p8z77-m? The info seems to have gone missing after plenty of flashing, testing, bricking, recovering….

seems i am missing the mobo serial, and uuid in bios, mac address is still good. If those numbers should even be there, if it doesn’t matter, then i won’t care.

@GnarZ77 - If windows is still activated, then you don’t have to worry about those (only used for RMA purposes, sometimes, and your past RMA period anyway)
If you need the tool you mentioned still, send me a PM