Need Driver for new SSD on Monster Abra A5 Notebook

Hi guys I’m new to this platform and I hope I will be welcomed to this wonderful platform as well,here is my story: my Monster notebook Abra A5 V18.1 crushed the SSD 1TB goodRam, kindly help me with the procedure or guidelines to replace with the new one

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Damm sir… theres no lack of guides, yt videos etc… for that operation, google is your friend.
Or is something else specific that you cant describe correctly?

i recently installed new ssd card on Monster notebook Abra A5 V18.1, can somebody help me with the drivers that i should install to reach the maximum performance of the machine and also the touch pad and mouse is not working

Another post on the same subject? Didnt i made a question to you on the other post, why didnt you answered there?
You dont even give details on hardware and OS… are we supposed to guess it all???
I guess with that attitude other forums didn’t suited you… last resource is here.

My friend you use the latest chipset drivers for your platform, then if the manufacturer of the NVMe (We assume that this is what you’re referring) drive (Brand and model that also we have to guess it), have a specific driver, got get it, if not then you’re going to use the generic Windows NVMe driver.
Some drives can have different performance between then and its your call only in the use of one or another.

Hi im using Monster Abra A7 V11.5 with 11800H and 3050 Ti. I wanted BIOS files from Monster and they sent. While i was investige files i found something. GM5TGxO bios is common for A7 V11.5 and A5 18.1 i bet your mobo came with 11800H and 3050. After that information, probably you need to install Control Center because it also includes touchpad driver. For latest Control Center for Monster you can reach " [Release] Control Center 4.9 for XMG CORE and XMG NEO (2021/22)
" from their official reddit topic.