Need Help accessing advanced HP Omen 15-DC1054NR Firmware/BIOS

Hello, new to the forum, though I’ve been guest reading here for years. I just got this HP Omen 15-DC1054NR, and to my surprise, the firmware has the most minimal amount of options I’ve seen in a gaming laptop to date! HP literally made this a “basic” input output system :slight_smile:
I have a few days to decide if I’ll keep the machine or not, and so I’m reaching out to the forum to see if you guys know of any way to access a more advanced/hidden BIOS on these machines? Alternatively, could the firmware be modded to allow access to more advanced options?

I’d like to be able to disable speed step, speed shift, c states and other power saving functions (for use as an audio workstation), maybe switch from RAID to AHCI (if I choose to use it as a hackintosh) etc.

I’ve installed the latest F16 firmware from HP, found here:

This file is an EXE with the BIOS embeded, so I’ve extracted the BIN file and uploaded to my dropbox, so you don’t have to run the EXE if you don’t want to:

I’d appreciate any help you guys can provide, even if it’s to tell me, sorry it can’t be done, find another machine! lol.


Writing from my laptop and I have to say : This is going to be an though job, You will need to disassemble the laptop and use an CH341A programmer to first READ the bios chip and then upload it here. (the EXE extracted .bin does NOT WORK) There are people who can work with the bios you provided, but I don’t have the experience to modify an packed .bin file.
There is another thread going : [guide]unlock Insyde H2O UEFI(BIOS) which has checksum which mostly tells the reason you cant upload/flash your own bios even with OEM tools (the tools that even HP has.) (Using latest H20UVE).
Overall : Really though thing to pull off, as of writing, I haven’t updated/flashed my custom bios, I am waiting on my bios to see/check where the checksum is in that thread that I mentioned.

OK thanks for that, it was my fear… In any case I’ve returned it and gotten something else to test, an MSI L65. Will see how it goes! THanks for the 411 though :slight_smile: