Need help adding an option ROM.

A friend has this BIOS:…ber=132-LF-E657

The problem: I have no idea how to open it. It is a 4MB AMI BIOS from what I can tell. I’ve opened 1MB and 8MB AMI BIOSes using MMTool but not 4MB. Nothing that I can find will open it. Any suggestions?

@ Mangix:

You will be able to open and to modify the linked EVGA BIOS, if you do the following:

  1. Open the unzipped BIOS file with HxD.
  2. Mark and cut off the the first half of the BIOS file (offset hex codes from 0 until 1FFFFF).
  3. Change the BIOS file extension from .4M to .ROM.
  4. Open the BIOS file with the AMI MMTool v3.26.
    Now you will see this:

    4MB EVGA BIOS modding.png

  5. After having completed the BIOS modding you have to readd the cut first half of the BIOS and to rename it.

Good luck!

‘dd count=8b skip=8b’ did the trick for me. My friend flashed his BIOS and now has TRIM enabled in his RAID0. Thanks again.