Hello there!
I want to perform downgrade of the bios…
Is the downloaded 8MB bios from the asus website a full bios? Can I rename that 8MB “E210MA-AS.301” to “E210MA-AS.ROM” and flash it via the AFUDOS.EXE without any modification and just to rollback to the very 1st version? Do I have to make a backup for the currently flashed bios before that? Maybe, additionally, there are some other ways for doing “the jump in the past”?
PS: The built-in utility “asus ez flash 3” doesn’t allow to go back…
Thank you in advance!

Keep in mind that the OEM’s (in this case ASUS) doesn’t allow this due to severe changes in bios structures/modules that may cause the system to malfunction, so to prevent this they block the downgrade and this is also a risk for a user
with such request as you have.

Not a safe operation and doesn’t work as expected in most of the cases… but depending on the model and hardware it can be done with Intel FPT tool if its an Intel processor model (No way for AMD with this tool) or using an SPI programmer.
The Intel FPT tool requires unlocked bios access regions, so this is also a setback…
Usually Asus bios files are not full images and do not contain EC/Intel ME FW image (Intel models)

May I post here the link to YT of what I want to receive?

Not for me as i dont have anything else to add or to do related to this subject and i pointed you the path to take, your time/job only, not mine.
You may wait for other opinions/methods from other users, Good luck

Will be glad and thankful to get more clearer in my situation…

Also, is there some "hidden/advanced" bios version for that laptop to be enabled?