[Need Help] Bricked Evoo Laptop


Today my friend opened his Evoo EG-LP9 laptop. However, when he booted it up, he was greeted with the following message:

"Flash update failed
Flash image invalid or not found
System will reset in 5 seconds"

I’m not sure why this error popped up, considering my friend has never tried flashing a BIOS image to his computer before. I looked it up online and found that some people can fix this error by flashing a “clean” BIOS image, however I cannot find a clean BIOS image for his specific brand (Evoo EG-LP9) - the official Evoo site has no page which lists BIOS image file downloads.

Does anyone have any pointers on how to fix this problem? I am new to this stuff, so please be gentle.

Bios updates might come by Windows update, too.

Still in warranty? Take it to the shop…

Otherwise look the manual if there’s mentioned a recovery procedure…

If not: Buy a CH341 programmer (and possibly a 1.8V adapter and a SOIC8 clip), open the notebook, find the chip containing the firmware, take a 2 to 3 valid ( = 100% identical!) dumps of your bricked firmware. Take a stock bios, try to a) repair your old firmware by comparing it to a sstock bios or b) transfer the machine specific information from your old bios to a stock bios or c) flash a stock bios if the machine specific information isn’t revocerable.

If there’s no stock firmware available: Contact the manufacturer, ask someone to dump a bios for you, or find machines that use the same mainboard.

Since the only way your machine automatically updating it’s firmware you should possibly be able to find a firmware in the Microsoft- update catalogue, but it won’t reference Eevo but an unspecific name- maybe there’s a possibility if you find the version of the old bios…