[Need Help] Dell Precision Bios Update

They are single file executable.
Here’s a copy to the file. I tried bios apps to extract the goods but didn’t succeed. Anyone?

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Well, a short update and I will post more if requested. I found a python script that breaks the bios total into pieces which I have found do have UBU update potential. Reassembly isn’t my expertise, and I cannot afford another brick (Lenovo T530 just on update after UBU).

Python does well here (for a transmutation non-language). Sure will like ‘space width’ and Comega/Camp/V++ in the future.

Cheers to All, Tay.

Please shorten your title .

If you want to edit this BIOS, you need to dump it and then edit, and then reflash the modified dump. Probably…? Which I Say, because your title says Dell and your post above says Lenovo, so not sure at all what BIOS you are messing with, are you sure?
OK, I see what you mean now, Lenovo you bricked (get flash programmer CH341A + SOIC8 test clup cable and fix it, it’s cheap)

Please give me your exact Dell model and I can tell you more info about how to dump, mod and reflash. Sorry, I see model in link now, please wait a sec if you are reading this now.

@Scholar53 - OK, for that Dell system you need flash programmer as mentioned above, let me know if you need linked examples to those tools (it’s less than $7 shipped for both on ebay)
This system has two BIOS chips, you need to dump both and compile into one, or send to someone like me to edit for you, then split and program back

You cannot use stuff extracted from the HDR inside the EXE, that is stock BIOS partial update, you would loose all board specific info and there’s really no way to properly flash BIOS region only anyway until after you’ve dumped with programmer and unlocked things.

Lost_N_Bios, Good to hear from you again and thanks for the update.

I found an extracted bios for the Dell (16 MB) that IS NOT extracted by the python mentioned above. I did brick a lenovo T530 after a UBU update. While a T520i didn’t have issues, the T530 did. I was working for whit

Back on topic. I am looking into the new bios file I have now. Will check UBU and report back. Do you think this can flash via Flash64w.exe

Question for you… I have Intel ME updated to, which is listed as the latest for a intel 7 series C216. Is there another?

@Scholar53 - Please shorten your title by editing first post! As mentioned above, you cannot use 16MB BIOS like you want extracted from the HDR file, it is only partial BIOS update and you would loose all your system specific data
And yes, the HDR can be extracted from the EXE using python methods, and that HDR can be extracted into it’s components using python tools methods too. I just did both, using the tools provided in the main Dell EXE extraction thread
Ohh, I see you knew that, sorry. This is ONLY way someone gets a 16MB file, see below.

Any BIOS you find that is 16MB likely was extracted by someone using that method, because anyone that dumps the BIOS with programmer or by FPT the sizes would not be 16MB
Each chip is 4MB + 8MB, so that would be size of programmer dumps, and BIOS region size is only 6MB, so anything you see 16MB is extracted from the stock EXE/HDR and cannot be used in any manner you’d normally work on a BIOS with.
Additionally, as mentioned, to work on this BIOS, when you dump the 4Mb/8MB chips, you need to join them before working on BIOS, then split once you are done.
8MB is start of BIOS and the split to 4MB happens directly in the middle of a BIOS module, this is why you must combine, work on, then split and reprogram back.
You can’t dump one chip and work on it then put back, you must dump both and do as mentioned above.

Or, you can dump 6MB BIOS region with FPT, edit it, then program back with FPT << this is what you want to update with UBU, only the 6MB BIOS region contains stuff UBU edits.
But, you can only edit the 6MB BIOS region if you can dump with FPT and reflash with FPT, otherwise you need programmer or do to pinmod first and unlock FD, then you can dump and reflash entire BIOS at once with FPT or BIOS region only etc.

Summary 16MB file cannot be used for anything here, this is HDR file and contains only partial stock upgrade data that you would not use for anything discussed here.

If you want to not brick this system, get a flash programmer such as CH341A and dump both BIOS chips, append them together, edit, then split again and program back (or have someone edit for you, and or at least check your edit when you are done)
UBU can break BIOS, so that may be part of how you bricked your Lenovo, hard to say without checking before ed edit files and to see how you flashed it etc.

That is latest ME FW for this series.