[Need help] Enable nvme ssd thru bios mod boot from GigaByte Hybrid EFI Bios(legacy) on GA-H67MA-USB 3.0-B3 MOBO

Greetings to Lost_N_BIOS, Fernando and every PC enthusiast.
I am extremely new to this topic especially modding bios to enable Nvme drives to boot OS and hopefully I am in the correct site. I was motivated by the recent technology of Direct storage and RTX IO technology that incorporates with NVME drive directly communicate with graphics cards, this creates a tons of excitement imagine a ancient mobo can operate 2020 brand new technology. I understand for a mobo of this age might be able to gain much benefit, but still I would like to give it a shot, since I have been planning to stick with this mobo for at least 2 more years and upgrading one to two pieces of hardware at a time. Most importantly I would treat this as a knowledge investment. Originally, I was thinking just utilize it as a secondary storage no os no boot, however mind has been changed after finding this forum and seriously why not, booting up OS with nvme will not only speed up a games performance nowadays but also booting time is reduced. Therefore, I would like to run my old board at its full potential.

The plan is to install window 10 to a NVme ssd (gen 4 nvme will be most likely due to future proof and variable) via PCIE adapter into second x16 slot of GA-H67MA-USB3.0-B3 running at x4 speed. I saw a couple of posts talk about what was Gigabyte Hybrid EFI is a UEFI based on the open source TianoCore reference implementation, which enable you to boot EFI methods on bios-based board. In other words this bios is still a legacy one which is not a AMI UEFI bios, the method of modding bios in (How to get full NVMe support for all Systems with an AMI UEFI BIOS) is never gonna happen? Is there no way to mod it to UEFI bios? (I am really new to this my apology) Therefore, after some research on legacy system the only or last resort is to use the UEFI DUET, CLOVER REFIND and EFI shell method. Best bet is the UEFI DUET method which match my bios readily I think at least in comprehension. However, booting with external devices (such as USB sticks) is not my preference. Booting via solely with my Nvme ssd is my first priority, modding my bios into uefi mode to boot the ssd is the most ideal and preferable way. However, after reading numerous threads and posts it seems modding bios to make Nvme drive compatible to my mobo is not gonna happen even with Hybrid bios as my mobo is not a UEFI bios. At the time I was about to give up, I find out that one of the asus mobo P8H67-M with the same chipset if mine running UEFI bios, this really trigger my dedication of create this thread and to find possibility to mod my bios in order that my bios can detect and boot any nvme ssd. Does this mean H67 chipset is compatible with UEFI bios? I know there is no easy way out, but still I have very low info for my mobo’s capability. But truly and surely I believe there must be a way to mod the bios and fully control those ssd in bios even with controller cards or multiple ssd adapter I am able to create array of 2 or more Nvme ssd x2 in order to turn on raid 0, 1 mode. Of course booting one of it is my primary target.

To sum up, my goal is to boot OS with nvme drive solely without additional device, ultimately able to detect and control nvme drives. Honestly, I am completely a newbie and non-technophobe kind of person, coincidentally this topic draw my interest in solving it. I hope this forum of good people can give a guiding light. This post may contain incorrect information please correct. Many many many thanks.

Here is my schematic layout and block diagram of my motherboard:

block diagram of h67ma.JPG


Layout of mobo.JPG


My system configuration:
Motherboard: GA-H67MA-USB 3.0-B3 BIOS version: F8 [img]

BIOS version.JPG

CPU: intel core i7 3770K
RAM: 16GB DDR3 1333 Kingston
PSU: Seasonic GM650 Gold
GPU: Nvidia GTX660 ASUS (temporary)
Hard Drive: ST500DM002 HDD SATA III (ready to switch to one piece of Nvme SSD)
OS: Window 10 Home edition

post.txt (4.23 KB)

@disciplinespy - If you want real NVME speed, you need IVY CPU and to install PCIE NVME adapter into PCIE x16 slot, that X4 slot at bottom is only PCIE 2.0 (max NVME speed about half actual NVME Speed potential, or less)
If you are not a gamer, then putting your graphics card into the x4 slot will not matter at all.

Ohh, sorry, never mind! This is not actual UEFI BIOS, you can’t NVME Mod this BIOS, but you will get PCIE 3.0 speeds from the x16 slot, if you use IVY CPU (which you have).
So your only option is using bootloader methods like you mentioned, 3 ways linked below
[Guide] NVMe-boot for systems with legacy BIOS and UEFI board (DUET-REFIND)
[Guide] NVMe-boot without modding your UEFI/BIOS (Clover-EFI bootloader method)

Maybe it’s time to upgrade already!! Plenty of decent price LGA1200 boards and 4C/8T CPU’s is cheap too