Need help for flashing skylake vbios


I’ve read this forum post but I honestly don’t get it.

I have an MSI GE62 6QD skylake laptop with VBIOS version 1026.
With BMP and transferring data from current extract vbios to new one, can I update to latest VBIOS 1037 or must I stay at some specific versions that have the same size ?

Also, it says the transfer.ssf file shouldn’t exeed 30kb, but mine is 32kb, can I still proceed ?
I can’t find a proper way then to replace the VBIOS. UBU tool says "Updating the files in GUID A0327FE0-1FDA-4E5B-905D-B510C45A61D0 is not supported"
Also, your’re supposed to drop the VBIOS in Modules\VGA as vbioshsw.dat for Haswell/Broadwell but no mention of a filename to give for Skylake.
And at last, when i try to replace the VBIOS with the new one via MMTOOL i get “saving secure rom as unsigned”. Should I be worried?