need help for windows 7 on Asus Z590 Apex

hello there i want someone to help me for install win7 on my z590 i try everything and still can’t install it so if anyone has intel 500 series and instal win7 can you please help me with this

Asus Z590 Apex
3090 ROG OC
g.skill 3866Mhz 14-14-14-34
SAMSUNG 980 PRO / SAMSUNG 980 M.2 SSD / 970 Evo Plus

How about a search in posts…
Here’s a similar with some info on 500 series.

i tried everything install mod bios 0801 apex XIII but all what i get is A5 A5 A5 A5A5A5A5A5 BSOD

Did you try 0070 BIOS?…#comment-587370

i will try it now

it work but stuck on windows 7 logo

Great find but I think Safedisk also had some old BIOS for Apex on LGA1200 but it was not a solid BIOS, just only made to run on Win7 it’s on HWbot forum. Might be a similar case. Edit - ASUS released a new BIOS for Z590 at hwbot which has Win7 and XP support, they won’t A5 BSOD I guess However if those are correct and accurate that means there’s a CSM option even on Z690 however not sure how Windows 7 can handle these small cores. Raptor Lake is even going to add more E cores to the mix. Win10 also has issues if we see Anandtech on ADL handling at the moment as per their take.

i could not find where is the new Asus Bios for z590 that support Windows 7 thow…

@Saud : Why did you buy a brandnew mainboard with an Intel Z590 chipset, when you want to run an outdated OS like Win7?

This BSOD indicates, that the mainboard BIOS doesn’t deliver the ACPI settings, which are required to get Win7 installed.

Enable CSM

I hope @canonkong can help you with Windows 7 x64 ACPI problem

msi 보드로 windows7가 설치가능합니다. asus는 설치중 부팅 멈춤현상 일어납니다

Hmm, I have ACPI A5 blue screen Or stuck on Windows 7 logo on Gigabyte Z590 vision C and 11900k, can someone take a look in it? How to get trough to this Win7, I need it to finalize migrating to new PC.