[NEED HELP] HP Zbook G3 15, bios modding using rom from update

Hi everyone!

I am new here but have some knowledge editing AMI bios on Chinese tablets, they were easy.

So tring to mod the HP Zbook update file, but almost all soft for modding won’t open the update file. Only UEFITool and Phoenix done more.

But the UEFITool stable when adding new or replacing GUID as is, or DXE file itself won’t save bin in the right way, so I have a message “bios signature verification failed”. And any modding won’t work.
— also I will try to save the moded file by the same DXE (replace itself) to find in data difference, and find out what UEFItool doing when soft must resave same file.

And Phoenix tool won’t insert file if it was decompressed, I have the message “insufficient space to manipulate modules”. The Slic file was extracted from the original bios, but this not help me…

I will be happy to hear some recommendations.

In attachments, the bin file is added (clean)