[Need Help] Inserting Laptop and Board info to Ami Bios

Hi all, I own 4 Sony Vaio SVP13, 3 of them working good but the last one, bought on Ebay a few days ago has arrived in pretty bad shape.
I’ve fixed it with some spare parts but after booting to Bios to do a clean install I realized the Model, Serial, Tag number and UUID are as RESERVED/ missing…
out of curiosity I went to check my other 3 SVP and only one has Info matching, other 2 are either missing or wrong.
I don’t know how or why has this happened because I got them all second hand.

I would like to fix this issue in all of them as I really like them and already tried one DMI Tool, I can change the values using it in Windows but It will not update, it returns some D8 Code and can’t save the changes.
I’ve read somewhere it might have something to do with the exe version… but I can’t find much about it since it was removed from their Website.

Is there someone who can guide me through the process and point me to the right tools?
I’m willing to do it myself if someone guides me and if I can, never done this before.

I can post backups from all Bioses of course but I need still to back them up. All those numbers are also visible on the Laptops, so I have all the info’s.

Please let me know if someone can take some time to guide me…

Thank you in advance!

Really no one able to help me?

I’ve been reading around but don’t even know where to start…

I’ve been trying to solve it myself without success.

I can edit all Info over AmiBCP but after flashing the Bios all System information does not show up although AmiBCP saves it but it will not show with Amidedos /all command.
I’ve tryed all BCP versions I could find and result is the same.

When try to change Info with Amidedos in Dos it shows DMI Tables as Read Only and does not write anything. Also tryed several versions.

Maybe Sony has it’s own DMI tool which would unlock the bios and let me write the system info… does anybody know something about?

Or could someone unlock this part of the Bios for me and/ or tell me how to do it so I can do it myself.
attached a zip file with 3 config txt created with Amidedos and 2 roms, maybe someone can guide me now…
I really don’t want to clone 4 laptops…

thank you

Well after comparing and scrolling throught 5 bins, I did manage to insert SN/ TAG/ Name in Bios, i guess I found the right place because they show up like they should and I can install Sony drivers just fine.
On all backups is nearly impossible for someone like me to find the right numbers as the knowledge is very short and although I have all SN on hand, they look like something totally different in bios file.
Maybe someone here could explain how do one translate a bunch of random characters into something readable…
Or are all this bioses just messed up…? Laptops are working though.

What I’m still missing is the UUID, I could not find the right place to insert it and with any of AMI Tools I just won’t change. So I ask again…

Could someone help me out? Again zip with some screenshots, a clean .rom and the already edited with SN .rom but missing the UUID

Thank you

Edit: Added folder with backup roms with UUID present

uuid.zip (7.34 MB)

backups.zip (5.42 MB)


come on guys, not a single clue of where/ what I should look for?

I’m trying to do it myself but not getting very far… sure someone here knows where the UUID should go or tell me how to find it inside my backups…
I would really appreciate some help.

Hi guys, still could not make sense of it myself… anybody in here able to give me a hint?

The BIOS UUID is a unique number tied to the motherboard and a unique ID of the system in the world.

We do not encourage these kind of modifications… thats why you still didnt got any answer.

Counterfeit/game bans etc… and thats it, over_n_out.