Need help modding BIOS for Intel Raid ROM module

Ah, okay cool slash23

hehe I think you’ll find that is just part of the line above “Intel(R) Virtualization Technology

hehe I think you’ll find that is just part of the line above "Intel(R) Virtualization Technology"

You probably are right.
I was irritated by the Annex [Enabled] at the end of the previous line.


sry I linked the second image the same way I linked the first

yeah technology is the end of the other line

Here’s your OROM you modified but I’d hold off flashing anything modded with Ez for now, doesn’t look quite right to me. (1.17 MB)

there should be a way to try a BIOS without turn the laptop into a paperweight

Unfortunately sometimes even a BIOS from the manufacturer can end up bricking and these are the guys who should have a much more thorough idea of what can and can not be done and how to do it.

For my own laptop I moved the BIOS chip off board and placed it in a DIP socket under one of the rear covers for easy access so no worries about bad firmware, with your set up though it’s not so straight forward.

To make things worse it seems your BIOS is set to default to RAID, was that a result of the enabling advanced menu BIOS or has it always been that way? Usually most machines will default to AHCI which means if a RAID OROM borks then a CMOS reset will bring the board back to AHCI and skip the RAID OROM allowing a reflash.

If your CMOS reset defaults to RAID then your stuck except maybe for a long shot using the right shift key to get the legacy RAID OROM to abort loading.

As far as the BIOS mod you did to the OROM it is pretty noninvasive, unlike the ROM I attached earlier, so yours should not cause any problems and would be much safer than mine, however Ez seems a little inconsistent to me and not having used it before I am very cautious of it. If Ez has done the right thing you should be fine, if not…

ye is set RAID as default, in forums I read that if I set IDE or AHCI will lead to a blue screen in windows, everyone there suggest to leave the option to RAID always

btw I found my MB code MBX-206

if I find the BIOS chip I can try something

there’s some guy selling preprogrammed chips too, to use like this other guy do, really smart way (…DERED-Bios-chip.)…984.m1423.l2649


IIRC on my own laptop when removing the Insyde BIOS chip on a live system it resulted in BSOD or shutdown some seconds afterward. Be careful of those pads for the SOIC chip if removing it.

I forgot to add, usually after a BIOS flash or reset one would go into the BIOS and reconfigure for RAID / AHCI / IDE as required so if AHCI were a BIOS default this really isn’t a problem. Those chips very expensive.


Have anyone try the modded rom from cplo above for vaio Z user…?

I try use Hxd to compare my original bios with the modded one. There is almost same, just 1 Line, but I don’t know what its mean

@ ivan_xiao:
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The header (first bytes) and the TRIM section of the modded OROM are different.


I want to try it

But worry if I can brick my mobo

Is there no a safety way to test it…? even with intel bios implementation test…?

Actually I have 2 same mobo. I just upgrade my i5 540m mobo with i7 640M mobo. And I didn"t use the old i5 540M mobo right now. And if the success rate are high, I will gladly use the old mobo for testing purpose


I tested with my another board today, but no luck

When I try to flashing, after loading files, there is error notification about IIHS

How did you flash the BIOS?

I use freedos to flash

I use a method, like when I flashed a hacked bios from Notebookreview

- make a bootable USB key with FreeDos. Go to and download the latest version. It will allow you to make a bootable USB with FreeDos straight out of the box.
- Download Flashit
- Download Portable Python from (you want version 2.6.1 and not 3.0.1 since you need Unicode per your python script.)
- Install Portable Python to the USB Key
- Download your script from your first post and copy it to to the App directory in Python installation directory on the USB key

- Reboot the Z to the USB key.
- Choose default boot options
- perform “Fla new.rom /f” process to write back the patched rom

@ ivan_xiao:
Thanks for your detailed answer. Since you haven’t flashed the BIOS from within the running OS, the method probably has not been the reason for the failure of the flashing procedure.
Hopefully CPL0 will read your report and can give you some advices how to solve your problem.

may be there is a difference between my haced bios, and cplo splash.rom

may be that’s why it can’t be done

what is the version of flashit? 1.5 or 2.0?
1.5 should be the correct one

@ Andrew08:
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It is hard to understand what you mean.
Please explain what you want to do and what is your problem.