[Need help] Modding BIOS HP Envy Z170 chipset for Kaby Lake support

Follow the [Guide] How to update microcode of @davidm71 ([GUIDE] AMI INTEL CPU Microcode Update Guide)
First, my motherboard only support for Skylake.
Then I successfully add 2 microcode for kaby lake and coffee lake U0 into this mobo BIOS.
But the mobo still didn’t work with cpu G3930 (kaby lake). The CPU is good.
What I am missing? What prevent it boot?
Could you guy help me.

The original
and moded

ps: I pluged debug card and all codes run out, finally it stop ad E0 (normal boot not E0), before the mod, no code run with G3930.


My guide was never meant to be about providing unsupported support to a motherboard but here is a wild guess… Maybe your missing the Kaby Lake GOP driver.

Also your bios is a little bit non standard and need more expert support than what I can provide.

Maybe @Lost_N_BIOS can help you out…

Best of luck…

Hi @Lost_N_BIOS
Could you take a look at my bios?
I used auto moded coffeee lake tool to update gop and vbios. And i flashed this bios and bricked my board. But i recover the bios successfully.
I des