[Need Help] NVMe Support for an X58 EVGA Mainboard

I have a X58 EVGA classified…I installed a 1TB NMVE on a PCIE adapter…works fine after I installed the windows drivers
I want to clone my current drive ( ssd ) onto the MNVE ( win 7 ) and boot

has anyone done this ?

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@sjsingle1 :
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With your current system you will not be able to boot off the NVMe SSD, because this requires an UEFI BIOS (unless your NVMe SSD is a Samsung 950 Pro).
Nevertheless you can install the OS Win7 onto the NVMe, but you have to integrate the MS NVMe Hotfixes into the boot.wim and install.wim of the Win7 image before you start the installation.
The boot sector has to be outside the NVMe SSD. For details look >here< or >here<.
Good luck!
Dieter (alias Fernando)

thanks for the reply…will be reading up !

okay…how do I pull the NMVE drivers off the win 7 hotfix to use in the clover bootloader ???

@sjsingle1 :
The MS NVMe driver cannot be extracted from the MS NVMe Hotfix. You have to integrate the MS NVMe Hotfix(es) into the boot wim and install.wim of the Win7 ISO file to get NVMe support from scratch.

ok…how to do that

@sjsingle1 - Here’s a good tool and method to modify the ISO - https://www.sevenforums.com/installation…tml#post3397930

OR, you can do on a clean install, update in live OS, then pull the WIM and make a new ISO (This can also be done in VMWare, if you do here, be sure you uninstall VMWare tools before your final shut down and pull of WIM)

I use both methods above at various times for various things, but most often I use VMWare and live clean install, to keep updated and pull WIM each time there is updates or I want to add something into a clean install ISO