[Need Help] NVMe Support for Gigabyte P15F v2 Notebook

Hey Guys,

I try to modify a gigabyte p15v2 notebook, but it is not possible for me to do this.
P15F V2 is a AMI BIOS, and its unlcok bios.
I think mabey remove mPCIe WIFI and to use mPCIE to M.2 adapter,can install M.2 nvme
but how to mod and instll ?

Thank you very much for your help, hjc

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1:use 7-zip open BOOT.mg
2:find W650SJ6M.GI1
3:MMTOOL 4.5 open it
4: remove network boot DXE
5: insert NvmExpressDxe_5

that mod BIOS ,

but i doesn’t upload to my notebook !

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Are you sure about the manufacturer and the exact model name of your notebook?
Gigabyte has produced a notebook named P15F v2, whereas a notebook named P15 v2 is offered by Lenovo for their ThinkPad Series.
If it should be the Gigabyte P15F v2, you may not be able to modify the original BIOS 1.03.06, because it is offered by Gigabyte as an Image file named BOOT.img. Neither the AMI Aptio MMTool v4.50 nor the latest UEFITool are able to open the 30 MB sized file.
Good luck!
Dieter (alias Fernando)