[NEED HELP] Password locked bios on HASEE laptop

Hi I have a Hasee G8-CT7NA (or Clevo NH70RDQ) using a H2O insyde BIOS.
Mobo: NH5x_7xRCx_RDX
Bios Ver: 1.07.15wTHZX4

I never had to touch my bios so it was left without password. I discovered recently as I needed to tinker my bios that someone though it was funny to put one on it when I wasn’t looking.

I am now locked out of my bios with the need to access it to activate some options.
Of course clear CMOS doesn’t work.

Do I have a way to bypass it with the Insyde Bios editor?

PS: I contacted Hasee and they gave me a .zip with Insyde H20FFT tool inside but it could only update my bios which of course didn’t remove my password.
There is also a bunch of .exe with it but I didn’t touch a thing as I am really not a bios expert.

Can you make current BIOS dump?