Need help reading / writing W25Q128JV

Hi there, my dad lost his bios password to his HP ProBook 450 G5 and now I need to flash the chip.

I got it hooked up to my CH341A Programmer but I can’t find a program that has the correct chip.
I was using the CH341A Programmer by SkyGz but the latest version I had was 1.29, it doesn’t have it.

If anyone has any idea of what I’m doing wrong or how I can solve this please let me know :slight_smile:

EDIT: I’m not sure if this chip is read/write protected

[Guide] Using CH341A-based programmer to flash SPI EEPROM
[GUIDE] The Beginners Guide to Using a CH341A SPI Programmer/Flasher (With Pictures!)

Plenty of other software that works with the CH341A… for 1rst time users using CH341A is not an straight through operation as it requires some steady hand and pacience.

HP bios have Bootguard and RSA… ur chances of success could be very low.

EDIT: Yes but not by memory… care to use ur time and not mine and read a bit on the links i provided, im sure that ull find it?

Ah okay, thank you for the quick response. Do you know any software I can try that do support the chip and CH341A?

I just flashed a different HP computer with a CH341a with a very similar bios chip (W25Q128BV) using AsProgrammer, here’s the link to download…ases/tag/v1.4.1. I think the one you have was in the menu when I pressed detect.

@GoodMask Did this work for you? please share as i am trying to do the same.

what i have learnt is: "The W25Q128JV 128Mb SpiFlash® Memories use Winbond’s 58nm Flash technology. It is function-compatible with
W25Q128FV 58nm devices offering improved performance, features and availability. "

So did W25Q128FV work for you using AsProgrammer … new version now is 2.0.3 though