I’m asking if you can help me, I got a SONY VAIO PCG-6W2M it’s known for its faulty nvidia GPU,so mine already don’t work with it (in Speed mode) So I always use it on Stamina Mode (intel GPU) (the laptop has a hardware switch to choose between Speed (Nvidia GPU) or Stamina (Intel GPU) modes with LED indicators of selected mode and you can change only with the laptop is OFF.

But last time (after my brother messed with it) when I turn it on the Speed Mode indicator LED turns ON as well even if the switch is on Stamina Mode and the screen turns black (turns ON but black)

I think it’s a currupted BIOS because I already had a simmilar problem with another VAIO and ended by flashing a new BIOS (thanks for this forum) but this time I couldn’t recognize the BIOS chip or the motherboard reference and version.



Please can you help me if you have any information for this laptop’s motherboard and after what I told you what you think the problem is ?

the model number written on the corner of the screen is : VGN-SZ71MN/B
the one written under the laptop : PCG-6W2M

For any other pictures just tell me, I got the laptop allready tearedown and I can dump the BIOS if I know what chip it is.
Waiting for your response and thank you for your attention