need help to change asrock a320m dvs r4.0 logo

I need help to change asrock a320m dvs r4.0 logo
when i use ami change logo v5 ,it crashs eveytime.and i can’t find where the logo is when using mmtool.
need help,Thank you.
bios file is too big to attach

Link to BIOS download would be great… I’ll grab from google and check for you, please wait

@Edit @quincylove - is this the one you want to change, only one that shows up and can extract with Changelogo


If it’s not that one, please show me an image of which one you mean, so I’ll know I found correct one and can stop once I start digging and find the one you want.

* Edit - If it is that one, I was able to extract, but not replace with ChangeLogo -Keep in mind, there may be restrictions to >> image type, format, resolution, bit depth etc, so be ready to recover if BIOS flash goes badly. Original Image is RGB/8-Bit/96PPI (made with Paint.Net3.5.10)
This can be done with UEFITool @ GUID - E54D9684-2735-43EF-A379-30F2F592BA10 - First RAW entry, extract “Body” and replace “Body”

yes,that’s the one i want to change. i can extract it but can’t replace it.

i can’t find GUID - E54D9684-2735-43EF-A379-30F2F592BA10…0(1.50) i want to edit this version.

Could you find where the bios logo is in this bios version again?

Thank you.

@quincylove - Open BIOS in UEFITool, search and choose the GUID Tab, you will find it, it’s a submodule of Logo module (Be sure to extract body, and replace body when you do the edit, UEFITool will fix checksums on rebuild/save). That is the BIOS version I checked
Here’s an image of where it’s located in UEFITool. Ohh! Now I see what you mean, UEFITool regular version that you edit with gives different GUID values, but still takes you to correct location if you click on the search result.
When you extract, save as JPG so you can open and view the file as a photo, when you insert name the file .bin or .RAW


Thank you so muchhh!
I can finally change this bios logo!
i’ll come back and ask you again if i can’t flash this modify bios :stuck_out_tongue:
Thank You!.

You’re welcome @quicnylove - good luck and hope it goes OK

For Asrock Mod BIOS, see here for flashing instructions - [Guide] How to flash a modded AMI UEFI BIOS
Basically, do your BIOS edits, then run BIOS through UBU and don’t make any UBU edits, then save as mod_BIOS then flash (This removes the security capsule for you automatically)
Then you can flash from within BIOS using standard flash method


after logo changed


and this happened after I ran through UBU T_T

need advice,THX

Yes, BIOS Should never be flashed with AFU to begin with, flash from within the BIOS using the built in BIOS flashing tool. Second image is due to UBU removes secure flash capsule, so if you wanted to AFU Flash you’d have to change options away from secure flash (All you need to have checked is main BIOS Block only)
But, it’s best to always flash from within the BIOS using built in flash app.