Need help to disable HPET(hidden in bios) MSI Z390 GAMING PLUS MOBO

Hello everyone,

Bios modding noob here, I have officially contacted MSI to give me the option to disable HPET in bios but they have said thats not possible.…-PLUS#down-bios
7B51v18 is the latest version of the bios.

Any help would be appreciated TQ.

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@dansnoif - Lies

Can you please upload that latest from MSI for me, your BIOS download page on their site never loads any links for me right now (checked three browsers too, and in a webproxy?) They must have broken site today or right then or something
Please upload this to or - thanks!

thanks for the quick reply
here you go…493928160233915

@dansnoif - Thanks! Of course, now their site is working too Must you have it visible (takes me hours, but you gain full chipset menu), or is hard disabled OK (takes me minutes)?

ok hard disabled is fine, if i need to revert back to HPET on i could always just flash the original bios yeah?

Yes, you can flash original BIOS to enable if you need OK, give me a few minutes and I will have edit done for you

*Note - I found in my simple testing, leaving BCDedit useplatform clock to Yes (ie default) gives best results.
Here in this thread, under change log area, I show testing results of timers in CPU-z with BIOS enabled/disable and BCDedit yes/no
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yeah but i can only do that if i have the option to disable HPET in bios xDDD
thanks for all ur help, ill be sure to return the favour!!

@dansnoif - No, I tested with it enabled in BIOS too, two ways one with BCD edit and one without, that’s why/how there is four images there
That BIOS does not have HPET visible either, same edit I’m doing for you here You’re very welcome!

Here is your mod BIOS - flash via M-Flash, once done, shut down and clear CMOS. Then enter BIOS, load optimized defaults, then save and reboot back to BIOS to make all other changes you want.…620743621442959

* Edit, please rename above file before using in M-Flash, should be >> E7B51IMS.180

WOW thanks so much it works!!!
really appreciate the help
Will donate!

Great, thanks for quick test and feedback! Also, thanks very much for anything you send
If you need any other BIOS help, let me know, I can usually help!

Hello again guys,
Would like to request bios modding to unlock all spread spectrum settings

could somebody send me a new link that one wont work i need hpet disabled please

Possibly unlock hpet in the newest bios

i need the link too please… :frowning: