Need help to unlock Chipset Tab on uefi ami bios aptio

Hello everybody, i tried to unlock the chipset tab on bios configuration, but without success.
There is a lot guide about the magical “010100010101” but there is no trace of this hex string in Setup.ffs
I found with the IFR the is a condition:
"Suppress If:
Ref: Chipset, Variable: 0xFFFF
End If

So i changed it to False, but the chipset tab doesn’t display at all.

Someone can help me please ?

Setup IFR.txt (661 KB)

There is the Bios ( aptio V i presume ) (2.42 MB)

I have turn all “suppress if: True” to False on the Setup.ffs
This unlock on lot of options and Tabs, like Recovery tabs, but the Chipset tab is always hidden…
I don’t understand why, this tab and his options exist in Setup.ffs

I someone can help me por favor

@cmauribon2 :
Welcome at Win-RAID Forum!

I hope, that there is a Forum member, who can help you. My own knowledge regarding this kind of BIOS modding is very limited.
Good luck!
Dieter (alias Fernando)

Yep thank you
If i found a solution i’ll post it

Sorry to bump this thread, but I have figured it out.
The AMITSE module needs to be modified.
@lordkag @Fernando

The procedure are valid too Ami APTIO 5 or only for Ami APTIO 4

Thanks a lot.

Do you have any guide to do it?

There is no guide on this that I am aware of, it varies from BIOS to BIOS as well, and does not always apply (Not always the solution to unlock, sometimes must be combined with other methods, etc)
What BIOS do you need this for, please link stock BIOS and I will check and see if I can do for you. If I can, then I will show you method after you test and confirm menu becomes visible
It may take 2-3 BIOS flashes before we verify method required for your BIOS, if possible