Need help to update Microcode for FX-8350 on AMD 990FX-Board


I wanna try to update the old MC 0x0600081F (27.09.2012) with the 0x0600084F (25.01.2016) on my Sapphire PB 990FX Board.
So I took AMI Aptio MMTool v4.50.0023 and extracted the "AmdProzessorInitPeim".
I could locate the MC and overwrite it with the new one by HxD, but then the MMTool shows error "/!</u> Invalid FFS File".

How can I do it?
Is there a checksum-problem or another change of something?
Which Tool ist good to do it (UEFITool v0.22.3, HxD, …)?

Best regards, MiMo


I once had the same results. Here is the work around that i used:

- Do NOT extract the AmdProcessorInitPeim file. Instead open the whole bios file with Hxd editor.

- Open your old and new version of the microcodes in Hxd Editor too.

- Search for your old version of the microcode in the bios and replace it with the new one. Then save it.

- Open your new bios file with UEFITool (latest version is 0.22.4)

- Find the GUID of the AmdProcessorInitPeim file. (You can use MMTool if need be to know the GUID of the file)

- Right click on it and click REBUILD. Then save your new bios.

- Done!

Thank you Phoenix48 - I did it … and it goes.

Hi MiesMosel, what exactly is the procedure to update the microcodes? I already downloaded UBU and MMTools, updated the modules, but not the microcodes. Any hint is highly appreciated. Thanks.

Hello alexmlc,

1. … look at Post #2, what Phoenix48 has written. Then download HxD (hex editor tool).
2. Microcode depends on your CPU - which one do you have?? Look on cpu-world for the CPUID (p.e. FX-8350 → 600F20).
3. Search & download AMD microcode here → p.e. cpu00600F20_ver0600084F_2016-01-25_C8460314.bin.
4. Download the latest (newest) mainboard-BIOS → which ons do you have (manufacturer + exact model + revision number)?? … and extract it on your HDD/SSD.
5. Download MCE and latest MCE-database (source code .zip). Then extract p.e. in the folder of MCE.
6. Open MCE and copy’n’paste the mainboard BIOS into it, highlight the MCE-window & hit “Enter”. You’ll find the new folder [Extract]->[AMD]-> open old microcode, beginning with p.e. cpu00600F20_ver… into HxD.
7. Open BIOS-file with HxD, open new microcode (mc) into HxD. Mark all with [Ctrl]+[A] … watch for length (p.e. “A20” hex).
8. Mark+Copy the first line of the old mc, go tab of BIOS-file → [Ctrl]+[F] and search for “hex” → [Ctrl]+[V]. You’ll see the first line of the old mc.
9. In the BIOS-file mark manually from the beginning of this first line … to the end of length → “A20”.
10. Then go to tab of the new mc. Mark all, copy it … and insert it into the marked part of the BIOS-file. Save now!
11. Use MMTool v5.02.0024_patched (or MMTool v4.50.0023) to open the original BIOS-file → search for GUID of the microcode module → p.e. on my Sapphire’s board it’s called “AmdProcessorInitPeim”. If you don’t find it, ask here for help.
12. Look for the GUID behind → p.e. my is “DE3E049C-A218-4891-8658-5FC0FA84C788”. Remember it.
13. Go to UEFITool v0.22.4 and open it. Open the new edited BIOS-file with it. Search for the GUID above … and right-klick on it → Rebuild it.
14. [Ctrl]+[F] or go to “File”-Menu → “Save Image file”.

Now sending some €$€$€ or giving thanx to me … for writing this wonderful guide for you!

Best regards, MiMo

There are many ways to do it:
Intel, AMD & VIA CPU Microcode Repositories Discussion Topic
[Guru3D] Windows: How to get latest CPU microcode without modding the BIOS
AMD microcode

Waw, thanks a lot, you are very fast and helpful. Indeed, FX 8350 is my processor, chilled by Corsair H50i, on a GigaByte GA-970-UD3P mainboard, all powered by Fortron Hyper 600w. Random freezes are occurring no matter what I do on my PC, and what is even strange, sometimes I restart it and it actually shuts down, or vice versa - I shut it down and actually it restarts. On some occasions, it fails to boot with Num Lock on, which is enabled in BIOS. RAM is Samsung 1600Mhz, single sided, 4 pcs x 4GB each. I think the main culprit is the mainboard, under fulll CPU load using Prime95 no issues arise, so PSU is fine. Or maybe even the CPU is to blame (I got it used).
Thanks for the guide, I’ll let you know if it works for me. If you ever need any help on video editing or video creation, just let me know :slight_smile:
Thanks again!

Hello Alex,

thanks for Appreciation!

Please answer my question: Which mainboard do you have (manufacturer + exact model + revision number)? rev. 1.0 or 2.0?

CPU is mostly not the problem, if voltages (and temperatures) are not too low or high.

More look for DRAM Compatiblity.
I had big problems with XMP and at the same time manual subtimings on my old ASRock 990FX board.
So I guess, if you use XMP not to use manual subtimings, leave it on [Auto].

Or make sure XMP is deactivated … and type in manually all Frequencies & Timings of the DRAM. Command Rate (CR) = 2T.
SingleSided (SS) / SingleRank (SR) Modules could be also the problem of instability. Try only two of them.

On other hand, the mainboard has much to handle with an FX-8350. The VRMs has a lot to endure. Try clock down to 3600MHz or less.
“C1E” or other BIOS-options like “Spread Spectrum” could also maybe trigger an error or Bluescreen.

The last idea from is based on PSU. 600watts could be too less.
If it’s older than 2 years or cheap one or less of secure-features or stability in voltages … it could produce bluescreens while clocks/voltages changes.
When changing clocks/voltages, the PSU has to compensate (active PFC) the fast changes. You need a good quality one - do not spare the quality of the power supply!

Best regards, MiMo

If you use Win10, then I guess you to deactivate FastBoot, HiberBoot and perhaps Hibernation.
This could make big problems with (re)starting PC.

Here are the edited BIOS-files with new AMD microcode (84F) & newest OROMs, made with UBU_v1.69.16.
!!! Be aware to use only the one BIOS-file for the right mainboard version (Rev1.0 or Rev2.0) !!!

970AUD3P_Rev1.0.rar (2.76 MB)

70AUD3P2_Rev2.0.rar (2.74 MB)

Thanks a ton! You nailed it! Mainboard is Rev 2.0, already installed your bios and so far, it works great.
DRAM - there is no XMP option, it works just using 1.5 voltage and 1600 Mhz speed. CPU Voltage is 1.368v in IDLE. Also, I deactivated all energy saving options in bios, like core boost, C1E, C6 state, AMD cool and quiet. No Spread Spectrum option in BIOS for this motherboard. Gigabyte was very cheap on options when they created this lineup of motherboards.
Power Supply is about 8 months old, so should cope with the power consumption. I will further investigate with another power supply if problems persists.
Also, funny fact: I only got system freeze, random restarts and USB freeze (mouse not working, keyboard did - they were plugged on USB, different pairs on the back of MB). No blue screens. RAM is tested with memtest, no errors.
How is your Sapphire MB? Did you noticed any improvement after BIOS modding?


If you are running some intensive programs, and sometimes even when you are not, your problem may be related indirectly to the CPU. More precisely to the thermal paste on your CPU. The FX-8350 has a max temp of only 61 celcius and as soon as the thermal paste is too old, the CPU temp gets hot and the Bios protection freeze the system to protect the CPU. If it happens more and more with time, it may be the problem. And if your CPU is new, be sure your thermal paste was applied the right way in the right amount. Results of too little or too much are the same as an old thermal paste. Happened to me on 2 systems where the thermal paste was getting too old and losing its thermal transfer properties. I am not saying it is your problem but it sure looks like it has similar symptoms. Easy way to know is to use a thermal monitoring program like "HWMonitor" or "Core temp" and look if your CPU goes well over 61 degrees while using your PC normally running your everyday programs and also by using a CPU intensive application. If all is well, you will at least have ruled that possibility out.

My FX-8350 needs only 1.25V on ASRock 990FX Extreme6 (Auto = 1.35V) … and 1.25V on Sapphire Pure Black 990FX (Auto = 1.2625V) → for 4000 MHz.
For Idle 1400 MHz, it needs not more than 0.8375V. Your 1.368V is very high for Idle !!!

I have C’n’Q activated in BIOS … and HPC-Mode deactivated.

I was out from town for a week, but got back and still using pc w/o issues yet. Phoenix48, I am using a Corsair iH50 for cooling with fresh Arctic MX-4 applied. I even changed the coolant in the cooling unit, and it seems to perform better.
MiMo, I tried to deactivate all the Power Management functions in BIOS, somehow I think they are to blame, and Gigabyte as well, their entire line-up of cheap AM3+ boards seem to be plagued by low Quality UEFI BIOS, instability and freezes. Indeed, the voltage is a bit High, but if the whole system is stable, silent and cool, I am a happy camper.

I just found out the source of my freezes: the PSU was to blame. Even after BIOS and microcode updates, I got freezes and restarts. Today I just swapped the PSU with a RockSolid 1600W I had lying around and bham! It’s rock solid! It seems the FSP PSU’s are not to be trusted.

Wow → 1600 watts … … Do you have 3 or 4 graphic cards?

I have hot CPU and powerful GPU, but never reach 550 watts for whole PC with 700W PSU.

But if all problems are gone, then it’s just fine.

There are now available microcode updates for FX-processors (CPUID 600F12h & 600F20h).
Under Win10 from 1709(Edit:) 1803 and above there’s spectre2 security. There’s a bug in 1709 related to the spectre2 security

Hi, please any help update microcodes FX-4100 processor for MINIX 890GX-USB3?…INIX-890GX-USB3
Here is file:…3_BIOS_V1.1.rar

@Hexabit - That may not work, as mentioned in above thread, about AM3+. I could not download from the link you provided for BIOS, Eset gives virus warning and blocks site.
So, I downloaded the BIOS from the BIOS-mods site you linked, hope that is the BIOS you wanted modified.

I am not pro at AMD BIOS modifying, please flash at your own risk and be ready to recover from bad BIOS flash if necessary.
That means you need CH341A and jumper cable to reprogram BIOS if you do not have one already, cable not necessary if the BIOS is socketed (removable, not soldered to board)
With that said, I have modified AMD BIOS in the past, with success, but it’s not always success (usually fails to flash if not good).
I did test opening this in several tools after mod, no errors and everything looks good!




After flash, clear CMOS and then power up and enter BIOS to load optimal defaults, then make any other changes you need and save.
I see a “Just Woot” BIOS menu, so someone has already heavily modified this BIOS!

MINIX (2.61 MB)

Thank you for this manual! I have a Asus Sabertooth 990FX (the latest BIOS 1604 is from 2012) and I wanted to integrate the latest microcode for Piledriver CPUs (CPUID 00600F20). I’m about 98% sure I followed your manual correctly. After the last step, I loaded the new modded BIOS file in UBU 1.70b19 and let it display the microcodes. Now it shows the entry for the CPUID 00600F20 twice, and the entry for 00600F12 (Bulldozer) is gone:
Original BIOS:


New modified BIOS:


I guess I made a mistake when overwriting the old microcode in HxD in step 10. Or is there another explanation?

I can help you on this tonight if no one does before then

What exactly do you mean? :slight_smile:

I meant I can do the mod, fix the BIOS for you tonight with update. If you want to correct yourself you can, but to explain how to fix might be more confusing.
You can try the mod again, or correct the current mod BIOS by extracting that microcode GUID again and make sure only each microcode is there one by one in order shown by MC Extractor.
Checking by full copy/search in hex editor each microcode, then when you get to the doubled one search only for the top few lines of the microcode and remove the second entry since it’s probably partial.
Then make sure last one that looked missing is there in full. Then save the file, check it in MC Extractor again to be sure all microcodes are there and correct before inserting into BIOS again.

If that doesn’t help, sorry it’s tough for me to explain sometimes, I can do it for you tonight if you don’t get it before then.