Ryzen CPU Microcode update for AMD AM4 mainboards

Hi, I’m trying this with the Aptio V BIOS for an ASUS ROG STRIX X370-F GAMING, and it doesn’t seem to contain this module. The microcode itself seems to be contained in the 2nd padding region, I don’t know if that’s normal but it certainly doesn’t help me find the right module name.

The BIOS is here, could you point me at the right module name? (or guide me to finding it myself)


look with MMTool v5.2.0.23 or5.2.0.24 for any special module, extract & decompress it, but it should the same size.
And then open MCE.exe and move the module into MCE, mark it & Enter.
If MCE finds any microcode, then, it could be the special module you’re looking for.

best regards, MiMo

I managed to find microcodes 8 and 9 on that list in the module AmdCcxXvPei, however the other 7 appear to be in a padding section that doesn’t have a volume associated with it (offset 0x060000 through 0x650000). If I update the microcode I care about (the one for CPUID 00800F11) I also don’t get any errors loading the modified ROM in MCE or UBU. Is it possible that these microcodes aren’t explicitly associated with a module (maybe they’re indirectly referenced)? I can try to rebuild AmdCcxXvPei just to be safe.

I’m also on it:
Find 66’ NCpuCodes @ AmdCcxXvPei, too.
80’ and 81’ NCpuCodes I couldn’t find, too.

Yes, it’s possible, that there is no module for it. I saw that in an older Award BIOS (Gigabyte).
Rebuild should do no harm, I think. If ASUS BIOS Flash Tool don’t give an error, you could try it.

You could also try to rebuild with UEFITool the whole section:

|NO |    FileName   |               GUID                 |Location| Size |Type|
|000| |CEF5B9A3-476D-497F-9FDC-E98143E0422C|00040078|01FF88|RAW |

Good luck!

Thanks for the help! Unfortunately it looks like I won’t be able to flash the modded BIOS without an SPI programmer, haha (no flashback on this motherboard and the workarounds don’t work).

What did you do? Did you flash the new BIOS or not?

… and what is the problem now?

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I updated the microcode of an old ASRock AOD790GX/128M with Phenom II X955 BE C2.
It runs just find with MC 100F41 Rev.10000DB. Done with HxD, only exchange - no checksum needed.

Unless there’s a method I don’t know about, there doesn’t seem to be any way for me to get past the security checks and flash the BIOS using software.

1) Unlike my past motherboard, this one doesn’t have a Flashback function, so I can’t use that
2) The latest version of AFU doesn’t support the /GAN switch, and as far as I can tell the last one that did was for Aptio IV (this BIOS is Aptio V)
3) I tried Wishbringer’s trick of using ASUS EZ Update then swapping out the file before starting the flash, but that just flashed the unmodified BIOS (I’m not sure how, maybe it stores it somewhere)

ASUS has locked their processes down too much.

It’s a pity. Sorry, that I can’t help you.
I have no experience with secure BIOS of Asus.

Just wanted to let you know that ASUS released a new BIOS that includes the latest microcodes :slight_smile: Spectre protection woo!

Which one?

This one. I hope someday we can crack the signature on .CAP files so ASUS motherboards without the Flashback function can be easily modded.

@Ver_Greeneyes :
Since you have a Ryzen CPU and not a Bulldozer one, your discussion didn’t match the thread “Need help to update Microcode for FX-8350 on AMD 990FX-Board”.
That is why I have split MiesMosel’s thread and started a new one with your specific topic.
I hope, that this is ok for you.

Sure, I apologize for the confusion.