[Need Help] Win7 Install onto Dell OptiPlex 5070

My Dell OptiPlex 5070 motherboard is Intel q370. When I install win7, I restart the windows logo wirelessly or error A5 is reported on the blue screen. Which God can help modify a BIOS to support win7???[[File:???_20200925103931.jpg|none|auto]]This is BIOS download link:https://dl.dell.com/FOLDER06193983M/1/Op…_5070_1.3.1.exe

Edit by Fernando: Thread title customized (a BIOS mod doesn’t solve the problem)


Hi! I have the same problem. Have you solved it somehow?
You have a link in your post for BIOS version 1.3.1 - does Win7 installation work with it or not? Thanks for any feedback

The same issue!

same issue for 7060 7070
look forward to a solution.

There is a modded acpi.sys over on the windows 7 forum that bypasses this.

Could u share a download link of the modded acpi.sys?
thx in advance.

latest Dell OptiPlex 5070 bios version is 1.7.0
latest Dell OptiPlex 7060 bios version is 1.9.1
latest Dell OptiPlex 7070 bios version is 1.7.0

you all should have checked for that update beforehand.it literally tells you to check for an updated bios.yet you are asking for a modification
and upgrade to the Windows 10 or any other up-to date Linux distro of your choice as soon as possible