Need help with a generic x79 motherboard

I’m sorry if linking to reddit is not allowed, I’m new here.…ing_out_how_to/

Basically I was an idiot and decided to save myself like $50 by buying a generic x79 mobo for my 3930k since I wanted 4 dimm slots and mATX form factor. Board runs fun for stock. I want to OC my cpu to 4.0 GHz for gaming. I’ve come to find out that I can’t really oc anything because of the BIOS. I was able to save a copy of my bios with Aptio 4, but I do not know anything about modding a bios or how to flash a modded bios to my board. I’m not averse to trying it myself, but I do not want to create a $100+ paper weight. I know I should search more for how to mod a bios but I am a complete beginner at all of this and these threads are pretty overwhelming. Does anyone have an idea on what I can do or should do?

@opaquenes :
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The main topic of our “BIOS Modding” Sub-Forum is the update of specific BIOS modules (Option ROM, DXE Drivers, CPU Microcodes), but not the modification of certain System BIOS modules, which are managing or unlocking the CPU settings.
Furthermore I cannot help you myself, because I am not an expert regarding your specific BIOS problem.
What do you mean with “generic” X79 mobo? Which X79 Chipset mainboard model did you buy and who is the manufacturer of it?

Dieter (alias Fernando)

Post a copy of the BIOS so everyone can look it over if possible. Maybe some changes could be made in the BIOS, but as suggested on reddit due to this board being B75 chipset it may not be possible.