Need help with an OLD system

I have the following

ASUS P4C800-E Deluxe
Loaded O/S is Windows XP SP3
BIOS is 1023 in RAID mode with a single SSD

It has American Megatrends Inc v2.51 1985-2002 as the BIOS and the Intel Matrix Storage is version I know it is an old system that I just play with every now and then. So I’m bored and wondered if I can update that boards Intel MS. I read these instructions posted here and they are geared more for recent boards. But I see that there is one more update for Intel MS ( and since I really have nothing going on I want to tackle this.

Q1) How do I verify the last BIOS version had the (will use this method to determine if the new one took)
Q2) Using the MMTool for AMI, I pulled up the BIOS lines and found 3 entries for the PCI Option ROM (see attached). Which one is the one I need to remove/replace?
Q3) Is removing/replacing the Option ROM the same process written here as for newer boards?
Q4) Currently the system has Intel RST, is there a better one for this older Option ROM? Does it exist?

Thanks everyone, I look forward to this project.

@ denaba:

Since nothing was attached to your post, I just have downloaded the latest BIOS for your mainboard from ASUS Support.
The BIOS contains an Intel RAID ROM v3.5.0.3003 for the DeviceID DEV_24DF, which is not supported by any of the MSM and RST Intel RAID ROM versions I am offering.
My advice: Don’t touch that BIOS and don’t try to change the Intel RAID driver. You will automaticly run into severe problems.

Why are you running your single SSD in RAID and not in IDE mode?

I must have something messed up here. When I am in RAID mode, during boot up a window quickly flashes. Over time I see Matrix Storage in upper right corner everytime I boot, but you are saying it is or something along that. Maybe I am catching some other number?

At the Asus site BIOS version 1016 shows a note; RAID ROM 3.54. I guess I am waaay too bored then. I will leave alone

I am running in RAID mode because I ran the SSD in IDE mode and it was really slow. I changed to RAID mode, load the Intel RST on to a diskette 1.44", loaded Windows XP from scratch, pressed the F6 or F8 thing and loaded the drivers. All went well and it is faster than previous IDE by a lot. Not as fast as today’s boards by any means, but fast.

But I will leave this alone then, off to the other thread I started then.