Need Help with Bios isuues.

Hi there,

So a brief overview of my issues. I work for a relatively large company and we provide IT hardware to other companies. Most of our contracts have a recycle clause when we install or upgrade their hardware.

So we in the process of doing a de-install for a client, neither us nor the customer knows the BIOS admin passwords or if they might have been changed on the laptops.

The majority are HP laptops, with mainly models 820/840 g1,g2,

I purchased a CH341A programmer and kit.

So step 1, I grabbed a HP EliteBook 820 G2 Base Model laptop

step 2, I installed the drivers and software for CH341A

step 3, I used the SOIC clip to connect to the bios chip on laptop (winbond 25q16dvsig1529)

step 4, I read the chip and saved the contents as a dump file

step 5, went to hp website found the bios file

step 6, erased chip, tried to write new bios file - error "filerange beyond length will be ignored"

So where am i going wrong? I’m presuming that the error is because the new bios is 10mb and the chip is 2mb. What steps do i need to resolve this?

Is my process the right and fastest way to go about clearing the bios passwords on these machines?

Any help would be much appreciated.

@Twiggles - The chip you mentioned sounds like the EC FW chip not the BIOS, after 25Q is the BIOS chip size in Mbit 16Mbit = 2MB. That could be BIOS, but often BIOS is 4MB, 8MB, or 16MB and then any 512-2MB chip is EC FW or part of BIOS + FD & ME regions
To work on a BIOS, especially if there is two chips which is common on Dell/HP, dump both so you have a full BIOS dump. That needs compiled together, then edited, then split and programmed back.
In this instance, I assume the 2MB chip holds FD/ME and or part of the BIOS region too and the rest of the BIOS is on a 4 or 8MB chip.

You cannot write BIOS from HP site, many things need done before you have a file you can write to chip. Yes, obviously you can’t write a 10MB file to a 2MB chip, what made you think that was going to work out (no offense meant, but that’s funny, don’t worry many people try this )

There is no fast way about doing any of this, and each system/model you work on will be different in what needs done to the BIOS.
Some you may not be able to edit/change, due to Intel Boot Guard, others (HP) you wont be able to due to HP’s Sure Start which will recover the stock BIOS (probably with the locked password too) no matter what you write to chip (Sure Start is terrible!!!)

So, lets do this 820 G2 - link me to the stock BIOS you are using from HP’s site. Then dump both chips on the board and send me those in a zipped archive, then I’ll send you back fixed BIOS.
For W25Q64FV use W25Q64BV ID and software version 1.30 or 1.34, if you run into that chip on anything. here is package with several versions -…695330485827902

In some/many cases, if you do not care about the system’s ID’s (serial, UUID etc) then you can use stock BIOS once you split it, but you will need to pull the LAN MAC ID off the board sticker or from within the BIOS itself, and put that into the correct place in the BIOS before you program it in.

@Lost_N_BIOS sorry for the delayed response. I got dragged off on other projects at work. Still have a massive pile of laptops waiting. I’ll try and get those dumps and links etc over the weekend. Thanks for all the help.

i need bios fot hp elitebook 840 g2 without whitelist