Need HELP with merging Corrupted HP bios Dump with Clean Bios

Hey good PEople , i need help
My HP Spectre 13 XT died
I managed to flash latest bios from HP site with CH341A , but no SN and everything is 1234567 and random on system info

i made a dump before flashing the latest bios

if someone can help me fix the broken dump , i would apreciate it ,

hp spectre bios dump.rar (3.45 MB)

sp66771 (1).rar (5.99 MB)

@flydr4g0n , hi! Your dump of BIOS version F.10. Accordingly, this version was installed, but it is not available on the support page anymore, so I think it will not be possible to fix the dump. Instead, I tried to embed your data into the BIOS file from the update. Flash .bin using CH341A.

flydr4g0ns hp spectre (3.46 MB)

Thanks, it worked , but with what tool u did it? I been struggling for days to edit it

I will PM you about my other Laptop if you can help , lenovo e540 , with some bios issue i have ( takes 30s to post , sometimes no post at all unless i reset bios, and its resseting when i umplug power or runs out of battery) , and in bios it doesnt show ME version , its just blank ,. I have both dumps from Main and EC chips

I read on forum that i need to somehow clean me region but , no tools or idea how to do that

[Guide] Clean Dumped Intel Engine (CS)ME/(CS)TXE Regions with Data Initialization

Glad to hear that.

Exactly 11 mouse clicks in "UEFITool".

@MeatWar is right, do as it says in the guide and see what will happen.