[Need Help] Wrong BIOS flashed into Acer DA061L-3D MB

I have an older motherboard da061l-3d AMD3 socket that I wanted to flash a new bios, but I made a backup of the bios using my EZP2019+, attached here.

So I proceeded to flash the new bios file but unfortunately I got error and it seems that I flash the wrong bios file. I tried to program again the bios using the backup bios .bin file but the motherboard doesnt boot using the original bios.
I’ve flashed some .bin that I found on internet but any of the doesnt work.

Please anyone can help me what happened with the bios that doesnt work?
I attach the bios backup file

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Bios Packardbell.zip (1 MB)

Please anyone can help :frowning:
I want to revive this motherboard because is very small and usefull for office :frowning: