need info about gigabyte Z370 skylake mod

looking to upgrade my z170 DDR3 set to z370 DDR4.At least for some time, I would like to use my current 6700k. As I read, to make it work, the ME has to be downgraded to 11.6 and bios too because remaining microcodes for Skylake probably got replaced in a newer revisions to account for 9xxx series.

Could you guys tell me if it’s be possible to do in Gigabyte Z370 HD3P ( it has dual BIOS feature ) or better look for an another board ? What’s steps should be taken and is there a need for special equipment like programmer?

Best to ask this in one of these AIO Tool threads, and yes I assume so -
svarmod’s tool (CoffeeTime) - [GUIDE] Coffee Lake CPUs on Skylake and Kaby Lake motherboards (57)
Revlaay’s AIO Tool - [TOOL] Easy automated Mod tool for Coffee Lake bios

Yes it can be done, you need to downgrade ME to 11.6 or 11.7.1xxx and check Skylake microcode (CPUID 506E3) is present in the BIOS.

Note that XMP may not work and you may be stuck at DD4-2133 (JEDEC SPD for Skylake).

Does it apply to manual timming setting and overclock as well ?

@chinobino Just being curious how have you run 9990k on ddr3 mobo ?

Manual setting may be possible depending on BIOS.

Yes I had my 9900K running with on a DDR3 mobo without issue.

The VRM’s on the motherboard were limited to drawing ~125 Amps so had to underclock.