Need latest cpu microcode - Intel's Skylake and Kaby Lake CPUs have nasty hyper-threading bug


Been reading about this hyperthreading bug thats been recently discovered affecting Skylake and Kaby Lake systems. As unlikely as it is that I could be affected by this considering I run linux OS rarely the article linked below states it could affect Windows systems as well and recommends a new cpu microcode update or new bios update. As at this point Asus has dropped the ball on releasing new bios for my Skylake build and ignoring fatal flaw on their last bios update I am considering a cpu microcode mod on an older bios release. Only thing is I’m not sure what cpucode version fixes this bug which in my opinion is just as serious if not more dangerous than the ME security bug in regards to system stability…

If anyone knows please reply,

Thank you…hyperthreading/

You can update it via terminal check te instructions to update your microde for distro of linux
for example om ubuntu…icrocode.8.html

After a little research I found that Intel released a new version on the 7th just last week fixing this bug. Available to download from the Intel download center.