Need missing drivers for windows 7

Hi there. I am looking for missing drivers for windows 7. I have to admit that i have spent one day on the web to find somethig but no avail.

  1. According to device menager its Thunderbolt 3

  2. PCI simple communications

  3. ACPI\NVDA0820





my computer is equpped with nvidia rtx 3070. On the nvidia website there is official driver for this device but it is impossible to install it. I have checked the newest driver for my card and i did’t find my card id in the driver file. I found it in driver for w10/11. so if anyone know how to solve this problem please help me.
Thanks in advance for your help.

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Have you tried any of the apps that frontend for the driverpacks? Like Snappy Drivers Installer, for example, perhaps it’ll detect at least some that ought to work. Driver Identifier is more manual work, in the sense that after a scan it takes you to a website with choices for and you download them individually from different manufacturers, etc.

The first one seems to point to an Intel Ethernet adapter, 2nd is HECI on Comet Lake (check those I have, but they’re Win10+), 4th and 5th are HIDs, so mouses, keyboards, perhaps filters, that sort of thing, maybe something manufacturer specific. 7th is NVIDIA related, VEN_10DE is NVIDIA.

Crazy ensue... broad strokes.

Otherwise… you’d need to maybe get one for Windows 10, modify its INF so that Windows 7 is also targeted, recreate the catalog, self sign it with a certificate you’d then add to the Publisher store so you don’t need to disable signature enforcing, and hope it’s actually compatible with 7.

Yes i tried snappy and driver booster. no avail.

Seems like the hardware is “so new” that no drivers are provided for Windows 7 anymore. I was surprised when you mentioned it, but looking at NVIDIA’s site now there seem to be drivers with support for 7 indeed, that’s the one you tried and gave you problems right? What did you run into?

For #2 you could try to see if anything at Station Drivers works, it would be in this category. I’m not a fan of most driver installer apps, they oftentimes mention updates when they’re really not (even in VEN and DEV match they may be not be the ones).

There’s a paid app called Treexy or or Driver Fusion, you could try scanning your system with it and then trying to locate the ones it finds on your own since it tells you their version. But it’s manual work from here on, Driver Identifier turned up nothing too?