Need new capacitor from my motherboard

Unfortunately i have accidently ripped 2 capacitor of my father’s motherboard.(gigabyte z68ma-d2h-b3)
Here is the photo of them:


Text on the capacitors is
LF 100 C 12B.
Does anyone know where i can find replacements to solder?
Or similar capacitors with the same specs?

Show me exact location on the board. Best to confirm on another similar model that may have better labelled caps
That looks to be 100uF 12v (NIPPON CHEMICON / aka Nichicon / aka NCC) - but brand doesn’t matter other than quality/aesthetics, any good low ESR same spec or higher uF will be OK)
I get these on ebay, but you can get at many other places, often cheaper too (in all places) if you buy 5-10-20 etc
On ebay, I usually buy from this guy, quick replies and fast shipping. Message him if he doesn’t have listed, he will have and invoice you via paypal -

@Lost_N_BIOS Thank you for your help. I bought from a local shop in greece a similar capacitor with the same specs. Soldered it and the motherboard works as before. Yeah it was 0.50 euros for 10 of them.
I really appreciate your help and thanks for always answering when i post a problem of mine.!

You’re welcome! Awesome to hear you got it figured out, and already back up and running, great work

Just FYI:
What was originally on the board were polymer caps (see for example…CAP_090716e.pdf ). In other words good quality caps with good specs.

And reading that you paid 50 Cents for 10 replacement caps does not really sound like you got an exact (or at least nearly exact) match for replacement, but some very cheap electrolytic caps.
Those have different properties and probably you also only got 85°C rated caps and not even 105°C ones.

While your replacements will most likely work for some time at least, just be aware of that.