Need Windows 8.1 x64 driver for Intel UHD Graphics 630

Hello everyone,

I have an Acer Nitro AN515-53-55G9 laptop that I want to downgrade to Windows 8.1. Everything installs with no issues except for the Intel graphics card (no shock there). The problem is that the Intel UHD 630 is the main card by default and I can’t disable it in the BIOS. Does anyone know where I can find the driver I need?

PC Specs:
Intel Core i5 8300H
465GB Western Digital SSD
32.0GB Dual-Channel DDR4 RAM
Intel UHD Graphics 630
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti
Realtek High Definition Audio
LG 6x BP50NB40 Ultra Slim Portable Blu-ray Writer

I mean if you don’t mind battery life just go into the device manager and disable the intel igpu as if the 1050 works on windows 8,1 which I don’t know but guessing it does since you said nothing about that one. Hopefully you can disable the one that says Microsoft basic display adapter, and the nvidia take over for the main display adapter. I have never had a duel gpu system as my laptop is just a Vega 8 Ryzen 7 5700U and does all I need. So take this information with a grain of salt. I currently have a Ryzen hp eh1070wm, 2010 MacBook Pro 7,1 with core two duo p8400 AMD nvidia 320m, Hp 400-434 bay trail j2900 2.6ghz with just intel hd 2500, and Bmax plus B1 with intel celeron n3350 at 2.4 ghz. Every one I have has different purposes, like the Bmax as a htpc and the hp as a nas and the Mac as a backup.

Try my mod - Intel UHD Graphics 630 Video Driver for Win7 x64 (8)