[Needed] Original Clevo BIOS for NH77DCQ Notebook

Does anyone have original firmware from CLEVO for CLEVO NH77DCQ?

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What kind of firmware? BIOS or EC? Version needed?


I need UEFI and all other related firmware that comes with this laptop. Latest version.

What is EC?

I want to flash the existing bios with the original manufacturers one, not from the oem (gigabyte), and unfortunately clevo doesnt provide support to end users like me.

By the way, does this motherboard have a backup bios chip? If yes, is it also filled with gigabyte firmware or is it empty?

Embedded controller. For battery and keyboard.


Don’t know.

how do I perform an EC flash?
is there a way to find out whether my mobo has 1 or 2 bios chips? developer manual doesnt mention

Run .nsh script in UEFI shell enviroment.

I don’t think I can help you with this.

i have downloaded the bios - it says this bios is not for your mobo - lol!

This must be the result of Gigabyte rebranding.

what does that mean?

I suspect they edited model name, so BIOS update program detects the device as unsupported.

and how do they edit model name?

Edited one string in the BIOS and flashed it. I don’t know for sure if they actually did it.

can I do that?

It is possible, but I don’t think you personally can.

Is there a tutorial on how to do it?


I need to see your current BIOS to make sure everything will be ok.


I see that Gigabyte changed ID from NH5x_7xDCx_DDx to NH77DDW for Aorus 7 notebook model.
Try running H2OFFT-Wx64 from this archive. (deleted).

nothing happens it just closes