New Firmware for Samsung 840 / 840 Pro (Mar' 2014)

New Samsung 840 / 840 Pro Firmware was released today. (Sunday, March 9th 2014)

840: DXT09B0Q

840 Pro: DXM06B0Q

Update Notes: Improved compatibility with ultra-slim and mobile PCs.

Download link:…/downloads.html

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I detected a bug with this New Samsun 840 PRO Firmware version: authentication fails for any SSD connected on any Z77 SATA 6G port, and success for SSD connected on non Z77 SATA 6G port (i.e. on Marvell SATA 6 G port):
Magician 4.3 report:


Can you confirm you get the same problem ?

No, everything is fine here.
This is what I get (SSD is connected with an Intel SATA3 port):

Samsung Magician SSD detection.png


are there any performance improvements when upgrading to new firmware? I’m running 2 840 PRO 512gb in Raid0… Should i upgrade or not?

@ armin666:
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I haven’t recognized any performance improvements.
This is what Samsung had written regarding the Changelog: "Improved compatibility with ultra-slim and mobile PCs."
So if you neither have an ultra-slim nor a mobile PC, you may not need to flash the new Firmware. On the other hand the update seems to be safe and may give you some undocumented benefits.


any performance degration?
some folks are posting about dropping 4K read performance …

I cannot confirm these reports.
Here are my benchmark results using the same Samsung 840 PRO SSD with different Firmware versions (left pic: old FW DXM05B0Q, right pic: new FW DXM06B0Q):




I get 2 problems after upgrade the firmware 840 PRO 256 GB from DXM05B0Q to DXM06B0Q:

1) The MAGICIAN 4.3 "authentification" option now fails on all SSD connected on Z77 ports !

2) The feature "DevSleep" disappeared with this new firmware.

However i observed no performance degradation or improvment…