New Forum Logo or back to the old header?

@ all:
What do you think about the new Forum Logo?

When I started this thread yesterday, I didn’t consider, that Forum members have only READ rights within the “News/Announcements” Sub-Forum (reason: in the past many spammers misused the advanced rights). I am sorry about that.
Meanwhile I have corrected my mistake and moved the thread into the better matching Sub-Forum “Questions/Suggestions regarding the Forum”, where all Forum members can post their contributions and participate in surveys.

So please post your comment about the new Forum header into this thread and take part in the survey.

Thanks in advance!

not exactly the desired answer, but both headers (old and new) are very deformed when seen on full screen.
the header stretches and isn’t very pleasant to see.

@elisw :
Thanks for your comment.

The currently used Fiji island picture has a much higher resolution than the previously used. Now you can even see the Fiji huts near the beach.
By the way: My intention was not to show a perfect picture within the header (that would be impossible anyway), but something, which may relax the Forum users: South Seas atmosphere with a sunny blue sky, some white clouds, a sandy beach and an island with some palms and huts.

So you would prefer a simple blue colored header background without any picture?

no but if you align the picture to the right and do not resize it, just stretching the last few pixels of it on the left, it will look much nicer IMHO

The Admin Software, which has been developed and released by Xobor, neither allows me to align the picture to the right nor to stretch the last few pixels of it to the left. Once being uploaded the picture is the complete header background. All I can do is to resize the picture.

With the help of our Forum member Unantastbar I was able to solve this problem - big thanks to him!
So I assume, that the current header design is ok for you. Am I right?

I like the current one with the new font and background picture

It looks great. I love it



Hello Sven,
welcome at Win-RAID Forum!

Without your help it wouldn’t look like it does now.
Thank you very much!

Kind regards

The survey is over and the result clearly: Our Forum has now a real Logo and an updated header.
Thanks for participating in the survey!


Fernando, do you have offical icon logo (transparent PNG square)! Where it can be downloaded?


@Coool :
Welcome to the Win-RAID Forum!
Since the 1st of May 2019 the owner of the Forum and creator of the new logo is plutomaniac.
So you should ask him.
Dieter (alias Fernando)