New Lan ROM or Firmware, or both?

Hello Fernando!

It seems, for sure either Lan ROM or Lan Firmware is released for my onboard lan Intel LAN 82579V Gigabit but im a bit confused:

INTEL Network Connections Software (Pro100/1000/10Gbe) Drivers v 18.3 was released on 17 May…e&DwnldId=22283

than in the new MEI firmware it says it has GBe lan firmware:
INTEL CLARKSVILLE Gbe Controllers firmware 1.2
INTEL Management Engine (ME) firmware…&p=16173#p16173
18/05/2013: Firmware Version (Gbe 1.2) 1.5Mo (Haswell PCH8)
I tried to extract from the MEI .BIN the GBe lan firmware or Rom Module 1.2 with MMtool but i get error, could not open firmware.

Also the Intel LAN Firmware NVM Update Utility Intel 82579V Gigabit Ethernet PHY Network Connection 1.0…e&DwnldID=22026
this one i already updated, so the one up or the one bellow seems new FW or ROM but i cant extract it, and i cant update MEI because is not for my Mainboard. P8Z68-V PRO.

than i found this:

Intel® Ethernet Connections Boot Utility, Preboot images, and EFI Drivers…Y&DwnldID=19186
and is 18.3 drivers related, can you download and unzip the MEI and the boot utility and take a deeper look to see what we have NEW here, firmware or ROM or both? and if i can update my onboard lan.

THX in advance!

LE: i found out with MEI Info that my GBe version is 1.3 newer than 1.2 in that MEI firmware check pic:


So the last link if you could tell me i can update and how will be great :smiley:

Also i cant extract the rom from the last link my last rom is this one:<br /><br /><b>Intel(R) Boot Agent GE v1.4.10</b> IBA GE Slot 0000 v1410 PXE 2.1 Build 092 (WfM 2.0) RPL! and in the BootUtil the iv.txt says:<br /><br /> Image versions in BootIMG.FLB<br /><br /> Combo Image Version Name 1.375.0<br /><br /> Combo Rules v3.38<br /> Setup Option ROM v2.8.16<br /> iSCSI Option ROM v2.8.16<br /> FCoE Option ROM v1.8.04<br /> Intel(R) Boot Agent FE v4.2.08<br /> <b>Intel(R) Boot Agent GE v1.5.13</b><br /> Intel(R) Boot Agent XE v2.3.04<br /> UEFI x64 PCI gigabit driver v3.5.21<br /> UEFI x64 PCI-E gigabit driver v5.6.10<br /> UEFI x64 10 gigabit driver v3.7.07<br /> UEFI IA64 PCI gigabit driver v3.5.21<br /> UEFI IA64 PCI-E gigabit driver v5.6.10<br /> UEFI IA64 10 gigabit driver v3.7.07<br /> OCD Option ROM v0.8.05<br /><br />So i cant replace the module with MMtool because i cant extract it, but i wanted this way, now i have to do it in dos? with Bootutil? no ids change required?
I have added the readme text that has all the commands but its with combo commands i dont know wich apply to my adapter exactly EFI and Agent or only Agent or others :expressionless:

BootUtil.txt (18.5 KB)

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AFAIK the Intel Network Connection Software contains the latest Intel Ethernet drivers and software, but no Intel LAN Firmware and no Intel LAN ROM modules.

AFAIK this Intel ME Firmware is only designed for the upcoming Intel 8-Series Chipsets. I don’t think, that any owner of an Intel 6-Series o7-Series Chipset system will be able to use any Intel ME Firmware v9.x.x.xxxx.

By the way: AFAIK the Gbe digits mean the size of the module (in MegaByte) and have nothing to do with the version number or date of their release. So Gbe 1.5 or 5.0 is not newer than Gbe 1.2.

Since I don’t have any experience in updating the Intel LAN Firmware and ROM module, I am not ale to help you.
According to my knowledge the update may only be reasonable for users of the “Wake on LAN” option.


Yes i was trying to say that drivers 18,3 released same day as the bootutil that is version 18.3 i know first link is for drivers only.

Gbe has to do with Lan check here…t=4116&start=30 but is available only for x79 etc

To bad i will ask someone else who knows about Lan, thank you anyway!

The AMI MMTool is only able to open an AMI BIOS file and nothing else.
If you want to see the content of a non-BIOS file with the suffix .BIN, you may use a hex editor.

You can extract each module, which is shown by the MMTool GUI.