New PC for win 7. Alder Lake i5 B660 or Ryzen 5600x B450/550?

after 10 years I have moved four weeks ago from my old PC with AMD FX-8350 and Windows 7 to an new one with i5-12500, B660 Mainboard and Windows 10.
And I hate win 10 and want to go back to Widows 7!
I’m not sure, if should try to install Win 7 on i5-12500 and B660, or should I buy a Ryzen 5 5600x with B450/550 board?

Because here you can see, that with the Alder Lake processors win 7 have problems with power saving and temperatures and there is need of a programm called ThrottleStop.

Maybe with the Ryzen 5600x I would not have this problems?

But I also heard, that B550 Boards and the new Ryzens have problems combined with win 7?
B450 would be better? Is this right?

Also there are officials drivers on Gigabyte website for win 7 under B450. Then I would take the “GIGABYTE B450 Gaming X” or “B450 AORUS Elite” and the Gigabyte tool to integrade the drivers in the win 7 install stick.
Or use my old FX-8350 system for a new win 7 with the drivers and then simply swap the drive from old pc to new one.

Do you think I should try to install and use win 7 under the i5 and B660 and if this fails, then buy the 5600x and one of the two Gighabyte B450 Boards?

Which drivers would I need for the B660 and where could I find them?


Hi! For Win7 builds, Ryzen is better. There is no problem on installing w7 on B550/X570, the driver set is all the same. I personally have a 5900X with win7 and it’s just fine.

2 main things you need are: nvme driver(if you use nvme ssd) and usb 3.1 driver. If you want, i can link my win7 iso with integrated simplix update pack and nvme/usb 3.x drivers. Tested on A320/B450/X470/B550 boards - works fine.

Windows 7 works flawless on B450. USB 3.0

To run unsupported hardware, your have 3 choices: