Newest AMD SATA driver? Need help..

Hello everyone.

I’m trying to install xp on my notebook: Sony Vaio sve1111m1eb with AMD E2-1800 APU.

I’ve tried hundreds ideas of how to do that: slipstreaming drivers with nlite ( used 10 diffrent versions of drivers already), and others, like loading F6 floppy images with the same drivers as well.

Everytime I get bsod 0x0000007b of my SATA controller, even with the latest 06/2012 XP text mode drivers from this forum (APU was manufactured earlier - maybe older drivers won’t work because of that?).

That’s my controller ids:


Is there any possibility to run that driver, or are there any newest drivers somewhere?.

I will be very greatfull for any help. I need to install old XP because of my old programs which are not running well on virtual machines.

Very sorry for my English - I’m from Poland.

@ orlandoo:
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The DeviceID is not very popular, but the attached driver definitively will support it.

Note: Make sure, that you are using a clean (=untouched) XP CD as source.

Good luck!

32bit AMD SBxxx textmode driver v3.3.1540.33 for XP mod by Fernando.rar (127 KB)

Thanks for Your reply.

I’m using clean copy of XP (tried few kinds for tests). Even when I choose DPMS option in WinSetupFromUSB it automatically recognizes this device - everything seems to be fine - and also I get bsod 0x0000007b.

You should not test it, it should have a Microsoft hologram.
Where did you get your XP source?

I recommend to install the OS off a CD (if your notebook has an optical drive at all). It is safer.
Alternatively you may try to use an other USB stick and/or another USB port.

I have Xp Home Edition Genuine CD from my old notebook.

My new notebook don’t have cd drive unfortunately :-/

I will try to borrow external drive to check if it works…


After installing from cd - the same error, even with 4 different drivers.

Someone have any more suggestions?

Thanks for reply.

Provided, that you had posted the correct HardwareIDs of your notebook’s SATA Controller, I suspect, that your source XP CD is not untouched.
Please look into the i386 directory of the XP CD. Is there a file named WINNT.SIF? If yes, you can be sure, that your source has been modified (maybe even by the manufacturer of your old notebook).
What you need now is a clean XP SP3 image as source for a successful integration of the AMD AHCI textmode driver.

Thanks for your posting.

There’s no such file named winnt.sif in i386 directory, but it’s xp home edition without servicepacks probably. Could it be my problem?

Minimum should be XP SP2, but better is XP SP3.

Sorry, don’t mean to jump in.

Have you zeroed out the HDD, run a erase HDD program like darik’s boot nuke ? You shouldn’t use format as a way to clean a drive. That BSOD can also be a corrupt MBR, a virus and driver error. There are a lot of free HDD erasers. Formatting is for changing from one format to another, it’s not a good way to clean used drive.

It takes a while, but you really should erase the drive, unless it’s brand new.

I can’t tell if you make it to the DRIVE Page of install, do you make it to see the HDD, you should be able to get this far even without the driver and install it there.

The sony website doesn’t recognize this model, so I can’t see the BIOS, to see what you have for options in it and make sure AHCI is enabled.

Hello there,

There are no AHCI mode options in my bios.

I’m getting bsod even when I dissasembly the hdd from pc. With no drive - the same bsod.

1. Tried with original XP pro SP2 CD - the same bsod :-/

2. Tried even with fog server and installing image of xp to my pc but that’s too difficult for me… Too much errors occured in pxe boot and others - I’m that idea…

@ orlandoo:

Since I don’t have any idea regarding the reason for your problems to get Windows XP installed, I recommend to contact the Sony Support.
If you should not succeed this way, my advice is to stick with the Windows OS, which was preinstalled on your notebook.

I would follow Fernando’s advise.

Windows loads the kernel into memory, but it must read it first, I’m not sure at what point you get the BSOD, but if it’s before windows starts to load then you have a problem with the generic dvd rom driver or the dvd rom, you can try installing win 7 then dual boot a XP. If it was me I would try win 7 from a USB an a disk, then you might know if it was just the XP you have.
. You should see if you can clear CMOS to, remover battery for a few minutes.
That’s all I have, sorry if it doesn’t help.