Nforce Chipset not working anymore under Win 11 22H2 Build 22621.1

When installing Windows 10 Build 19044.xxxx or Windows 11 Build 22000.xxxx no problems.
I tried two XFX Mainboards with Nforce 780 Chipset and one Mainboard ASUS P5N72-T Premium
also with that kind of chipset.
But when i try to install (clean or Inplace Upgrade) Windows 11 Second Edition Build 22621.1
the Installation works and succeeds. But when copying big files from one drive to an other,
the System freezes. The Mouse ist still moveable, but the rest of the OS hangs.
I tried other drivers, I tried AHCI (NON RAID) or RAID. The result stays the same.
Even installation with an addon bootable PCIe SATA Card with two independent disks and none of them
connected to the Mainboard directly, the mistake while copying files (1 GB or greater) occurs.
From my point of view Microsoft cuts off Nforce Chipset Mainboards in Win 11 22H2 Build 22621 or higher.
The driver for Nforce RAID or Non RAID is still implemented in the Boot.wim and Install.wim but I think
Microsoft has changed some other things in the kernel of the OS, that make it almost impossible to use
NFORCE Chipset Mainboards. With Intel-Chipset-Mainboards, even with older ones, there is no such problem!

Thanks for your interesting report
Although I have no idea what may have caused your specific data transfer issue, you should wait for the official release of Win11 Build 22H2. The currently available ISO file is just a Beta Version for Windows Insiders.

I normally would agree with you. But as far as i have read in DrWindows Forum and Deskmodder
everybody agrees that Microsoft will only supply that OS BUILD 22621 with security updates.
The kernel of the OS … I don´t think they´re gonna make big changes just for the Nforce Chipset.
And on the other hand we have to recognise that these Mainboards are very old, with a chipset and
Processor architecture Microsoft is normally not willing to support any longer.
Just that is that, what i think!

According to Microsoft’s announcements Win8.1 was the last OS, which supported NVIDIA nForce chipset systems. Nevertheless many of them are running fine with Win10 or even with Win11.
The main problem of nForce chipset systems with modern Windows Operating Systems are caused by the completely outdated on-board NVIDIA nForce AHCI/RAID Controllers and their related drivers.
So I agree with you: For nForce users it is time to change their mainboard/chipset, if they want to enjoy the features of a modern Windows OS.