"No EEPROM/flash device found."

Hi. I’m having a little problem with my Thinkpad T440p. There is a Wifi whitelist that I would like to remove. Therefore I wanted to read the contents of the BIOS chip with the CH341A Pro.

To get better access to the chip, I disassembled my laptop. I did not have success in reading it out. I have been working on it for weeks. I reattached the programmer more than hundred times.

The chip:

The programmer:

Programmer on the chip:

Error message:

Do you have a tip how I could do this? What am I doing wrong?


Check the TEXT;
if are sure about the connection and it’s the same as this you need to find and try the following PCB.
If it doesn’t work: any high range industry standard hardware with in off-line ICP/ISP programming capability usually work out the box.
CH341A is kinda unlicensed product.
Probably someone mixed\flooded the inventory around the world with counter-counterfeiter copy of the copy (or spec datasheet) with unknown-number and no real specification to drive the profit on other/original product.
Never used the CH341A in-circuit with result before but maybe I just missed the merchant availability of the working PCB.

The Thinkpad T440p had a recent surge of popularity because the latest Coreboot supports it. There are a few guides that may help you since they have to attach a reprogrammer to it, so at least these instructions should apply to you. There are TWO Flash EEPROM chips, not one, keep that in mind.