No Sata drive detected in Bios after win 11 22H2 installation


Got an old Vaio SVP1321 series with Intel Core i7-4500U. Installed w 11 22H2 via Rufus/usb

Worked fine for few weeks. Then dropped the laptop 40 cm on a carpet (static electricity?) and after that it won’t boot up into Windows.

Trying to reinstall but Bios cant detect any partitions nor the Kingston Sata m.2 ssd that is there.

I get the option to load a driver but the ones I tried didn’t work.

Any suggestions highly appreciated :dizzy:
All the best

Sure bios is the issue… from now one every laptop dropped will be fixed with bios/soft…where did you get this ideia? You’ll have to open the laptop to check components seating and possible damage to the pcb, if the mainboard was hot when dropped it can have now cracked soldering components and so on…
The days of good chassis were gone long time ago, now you deal with 100% plastic and more margins of profit for the OEM, good luck.

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