No Serial number, No uuid, no SKU Number of my new Toshiba C850 methorboard

Hello Everyone,

I have replace motherboard of Toshiba L850 with C850 model.
I got some problem activation with some programs and games that depends on machine id and after a lot of search i found the cause of problem is UUID is not setting on my new motherboard.
My motherboard is Insyde Rev 3.7
System Bois Ver.: 6.8

After i have tried to use Insyde H2OSDE-W to edit missing data though SMBOIS
Every data has changed permanently but uuid is coming back to ffffffff-ffff-ffff-ffff-ffffffffffff afetr restart laptop

Also in Bios start up utilities Boot Mode isn’t appear to select UEFI Boot

My required changed data is:
UUID: dbb97d30-0001-81e2-3598-4c72b9b054b9
Serial Number: 9C228664R
SKU Number: PSKG8V

Link of folder on google drive:

Result of H2OSDE-W:
You can see (H2OSDE_SMBIOS_Result.png) on google drive shared folder
System Information * (Type 1)
[0x00] Type = 0x01 [BYTE]
[0x01] Length = 0x1b (27) [BYTE]
[0x02] Handle = 0x0001 [WORD]
[0x04] Manufacturer = 0x01 : “TOSHIBA” [STRID]
[0x05] Product Name = 0x02 : “PLCSF” [STRID]
[0x06] Version = 0x03 : “xxxxxx-xxxxxx” [STRID]
[0x07] Serial Number = 0x04 : “123456789” [STRID]
[0x08] UUID = ffffffff-ffff-ffff-ffff-ffffffffffff [UUID]
[0x18] Wake-up Type = 0x06 [BYTE]
[0x19] SKU Number = 0x05 : “xxxxxx-xxxxxx” [STRID]
[0x1a] Family = 0x06 : “Type1Family” [STRID]
[s1] String1 = “TOSHIBA”
[s2] String2 = “PLCSF”
[s3] String3 = “xxxxxx-xxxxxx”
[s4] String4 = “123456789”
[s5] String5 = “xxxxxx-xxxxxx”
[s6] String6 = "Type1Family"

Result of HWiNFO64:
You can see (DESKTOP-O3DBV47.HTM) on google drive shared folder

Toshiba update Bois C850:

Toshiba Extracted File of update F.EXE:

lnsider Bl0S TooIs contains H2OSDE-W and other useful tools:
You can see ( on google drive shared folder

Please help me to solve this problem because i spent a lot of time to solve it.
Best Regards!

Can any one give me advises, please?

Ok friend, have You an SPI Programmer CH341A + Pomona Climp ?
if not the we have to find a way to flash the bios modified with you system data lacked …

So let me know if your laptop has an Intel CPU first …

Then is yes, you can follow this example :

Please make Bios Menu Tabs photos to see which are visble and which not , upload them it for me !

Next step is to find a way to flash the bios mod, so we have to test the Intel Fpt tool …

Please find out your ME version (And tell me the full version too), then download the matching ME System Tools package from here in section “C” …


You can find ME FW version often on BIOS main page, or if not, then download HWINFO64 and in the large window on the left,
inside motherboard section expand and find ME Firmware version, then get matching package from abovr link.

From the CSME Package, inside you will find Flash Programming Tool folder, and inside that, you’ll find a windows/win32 and 64 folder,
select that Win32 ot Win64 folder, choice it basing on your Windows, then form that folder, hold shift and press right click, choose open command window here.
Then run the following commands, and then zip and upload the files and upload that for me , give a link …

FPTw.exe -bios -d biosreg.bin
FPTw.exe -desc -d FD.bin

Let me know